Trust is one of the most precious and valuable traits, especially when it comes to choosing professional providers of cleaning services for your home. Letting strangers in your home,  entrusting them with your property and possessions is not an easy choice and it can be risky. To make sure that our customers recognize the professional cleaners coming into their homes and to increase the level of trust we would like to introduce you to our next cleaning franchisee in the ‘Meet the Pros’ series – Ivan Georgiev. He specialises not only in window cleaning but in oven cleaning as well.

Window cleaning can be quite intrusive for some people because nobody likes to see an unfamiliar face outside their window or hear knocking and scratching on the second-floor windows while they are calmly enjoying their day. For this same reason, Ivan and his teams’ main priority is the customers’ privacy, earning their trust and providing the best service possible.

Ivan Georgiev has been working with Fantastic Services for one year and his team consists of two more trained cleaners who help him deliver high-grade window and oven cleaning services across London. Ivan has been living in the city for three and a half years. He is originally from Bulgaria and a few years ago decided to invest his skills and enthusiasm in his own small business here in England.

FS: How did you become part of Fantastic Services?

Ivan: I wanted to work in the cleaning industry. So I started looking for opportunities that will help me begin a small standalone business that will be assisted by a well – organized team of specialists in the field. After a bit of researching, I came across the opportunity to partner with Fantastic Services.

FS: What is the fantastic side of Fantastic Services, according to you?

Ivan: The best thing about working with Fantastic Services is the high level of skills and expertise of every team in each service field and company level. Fantastic is the performance and assistance provided by the customer service team; the constant training opportunities related to new technologies, trends and detergents in the cleaning industry. The efforts made by the marketing department are of great significance to the development and expansion of the business, which leads to fantastic results, not only for me and my team, but for the clients as well.

FS: Would you share a memorable story that you’ve experienced with a client since you’ve started your cleaning business?

Ivan: A few months after I started working with Fantastic I had a very funny experience. A client has booked an outside window cleaning and one of the jobs was to wash a skylight window. To do my work, I had to go out on the roof through the window, which was wide enough for a person to climb through it. It was no obstacle for me because it’s part of the job of being a window cleaner – you climb heights and sometimes see the city from other people’s roofs.

That day I asked the lady in the house to close the skylight from the inside so I can clean it properly and then to come and open it for me in ten minutes. I was ready on time however, the client was gone from the room. I called her phone several times, but I didn’t get any response. I didn’t have any other choice except to wait for her on the roof for a few more minutes.

And then, it started raining in the typical English fashion. Spending a whole hour on a London roof under the rain is definitely on top of my list with very memorable adventures. When the client finally showed up, I was wet as a dog. She was so terrified when she let me in, apologized and almost started crying. During the whole time I was outside, she was in her work-study with headphones writing reports and simply had forgotten for my existence on her roof doing my job.

She gave me towels, made me hot tea, and I assured her I’ll finish my job cleaning her house windows. She was so frustrated that instead of feeling angry I was sorry for her. While leaving her home, she gave me one of the warmest and most sincere hugs in my life and the most honest gratitude I’ve ever received for my work.

FS: What advice would you give to the current and future franchisee partners of Fantastic Services?

Ivan: My advice for everyone currently partnering with Fantastic Services or planning on joining the franchise program is to trust them. It is a well-established business with years of experience and extremely valuable market positioning. This is the best advantage that a new small business could have in an already difficult and congested market. You’ll receive immense support and easy communication. Everything will work for you and the only goal is to build a successful business and acquire more satisfied clients.

FS: Has your daily life become more fantastic and how?

Ivan: Since I’ve started working together with Fantastic Services I’ve been much more organised in my work. I am able to follow a strict schedule that allows me to structure my workday efficiently and to plan every job ahead of time so that my team and I can deliver an excellent service. Also, I am quite happy that I can report good financial results, which stimulate me to further improve my job, invest more efforts and expand my business.

FS: Can you share how does one of your workdays look like?

Ivan: I start every morning with a big cup of coffee and check the schedule for the day and plan every job my team have been booked for. Before I leave my home and go to the first address, I inspect all the equipment and cleaning tools in my van.

I always try to be at least 15 minutes earlier at the given address so I can have time to survey the property and if I have questions to call the customer service team beforehand. Then I have a brief conversation with the client to figure out if there is anything specific as a requirement.

While I’m working I’m focused and careful about all the details. Once I finish cleaning the windows, I carefully stow all the equipment, make sure that it is ready for the next job and wish a pleasant day to my customers. This is the routine I follow for every booking and meeting with clients. At the end of the working day, I go home happy and satisfied with a job well done.

FS: What do you like to do in your free time?

Ivan: In my free time, I like to travel with my family. We visit different farms with animals, try to see as many historical attractions outside London as possible and the amusement parks we go to always guarantee big fun for the whole family. When the weather allows it, we have barbecue days in the garden or the nearest park and spend time with friends. A favourite spot we love going to is the Thames river, where we feed swans, or just admire the water and the city views.


We at Fantastic Services would like to thank Ivan for his dedication and wish him all the best of luck with his teams of professionals. Big thanks for making this interview possible!

  • Last update: January 30, 2020

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