It’s over – winter has finally released its cold grasp over the country. And while the blooming trees, chirping birds, and rising temperatures are no doubt lifting our spirits as we speak, our gardens and homes are probably in dire need of some tidying up. Thus, we felt that it was our sacred duty to prevent this national crisis and introduce you to Plamena – a professional in the field of gardening and regular house cleaning.

Plamena has been living in the UK for two years now and has been working with us for a solid year and a half. Starting as a gardener and currently working as a regular domestic cleaner, she has proven time and time again that she is a worthy addition to the Fantastic family. Currently, she and her husband have a lot of responsibilities on their plate – as of now, they manage two gardening teams and 13 regular cleaners.

We asked Plamena how she became a part of Fantastic Services

I recall that this was not that long ago, somewhere around the beginning of 2015. We had just arrived with the whole family in London and the hardest part of our new venture was about to start. Which road were we supposed to take? After all, when you find yourself in a cosmopolitan city such as London, your first task is to always settle down and start looking for a job. One day, I was completely captivated by a fancy-looking advertisement that I saw while browsing the web. I immediately fell in love with the company’s name – Fantastic Services. It sounded so reassuring, positive and, most importantly, genuinely fantastic! The advertisement was about a gardening-related job. My husband showed interest and we decided to email the company.

Their reply was surprisingly quick and we soon received an invitation for a meeting. When we entered the building, we no longer had any doubts that this was the place to be in and that these were the people we wanted to work with. The next logical step was to sign up the franchise gardening contract. Here I would like to point out that the company offered us a hand at a time when money was scarce. They made everything possible to give us a nice start and accepted us as part of their big family.

We worked as gardeners for about a year. After that, my husband organised a second gardening team, while I decided to go down the regular house cleaning path. Now, a month and a half later, we are responsible for 13 cleaners and two gardening teams. For me, personally, all of this felt like a major kick-start to success. And it all became possible thanks to Fantastic Services.

Plamena then went on to tell us what she finds fantastic about the company

The first thing that pops into my mind is the stability and security that the company provides. What’s more, the work process is well organised and flexible. Finally, everyone who works at Fantastic Services is just as fantastic themselves. The company is built by a young and extremely talented team, which is quick to offer you guidance whenever you’re facing any difficulties whatsoever.

We asked Plamena if she was willing to share a few interesting moments from her line of work

I would love to, I actually have quite a few stories to share! Here’s one from my time as a gardener and another from my cleaning stint.

Let’s start with gardening. It was the first day of work for us. My husband and I had to be at the client’s address to receive their further instructions. The person had a large terrace with a feng shui garden. There was artificial grass in the middle that was surrounded on all sides by different types of flowers and plants. The client wanted us to do a general garden clearance, as well as a bit of weeding and trimming of several small shrubs. As we started working, I noticed a few large weeds that looked like tall and dried sheaves of grass. So, here I thought “This garden could be majestic, why was it allowed to turn into such an awful mess?”

My husband then came and pulled them straight out of the dirt – the whole seven of them. We diligently continued with our work, until all of a sudden the client came up shouting at us and mourning her ruined flowers. We stood up and, with a confused stare, explained to her dismay that we didn’t know which flowers she was talking about. After all, everything was in its rightful place, minus the weeds.

As you may have already guessed by now, those weren’t weeds at all but a special rare kind of Chinese flowers! And we got extremely lucky that we decided to put them in the bag in one piece. My husband took them out and replanted them again. We then trimmed the plants and made them really pretty. The client calmed down, but we felt a bit guilty for a long time afterwards. Nowadays, however, we remember this situation with nothing but a wide grin on our faces.

The other story, however, did not exactly end on a pleasant note and it actually involved a girl from our cleaning crew. However, it shows the scope of happenings we sometimes have to handle, as our work stretches beyond mere professional relations – we sometimes have to go the extra mile and be mediators when need be.

So, when the girl got the job done, her client called her to let her know that her gold jewellery and cleaning detergents were missing. When I spoke to the girl regarding this incident, she briskly replied that she didn’t spot any jewellery to begin with, and that she brought her own cleaning products. She was, of course, feeling humiliated and hurt by this accusation – and rightfully so, as the client called us back shortly stating that she had found her allegedly stolen jewellery. Naturally, the girl refused to work with this client any further and felt awful for the next couple of days.

She also shared a few useful tips for all present and future Fantastic family members

First and foremost, make sure that you give it your all! Only by doing so will you be sure to set yourself on the path to success. The second most important thing for you to remember is to try and feel like you are a part of a larger whole, like you’re a member of a big family. Work with its members, share your successes and failures, iron out the problems, and you’ll be sure to make good progress. Lastly, remember to protect your company’s brand for you operate under it as well!

We asked Plamena how her typical work day looks like and here is what she had to say

When I think about it, I could only describe my routine as being “fantastic”. Sure, I work very hard (about 12 hours a day), but nobody said that “success” was something that you can simply reach out to and put in your pocket. I very much enjoy the fact that every day feels intense and therefore different. I’m responsible for a whole lot of people and need to be able to adequately deal with emergency situations if and when they appear. I also talk to members of the company whenever a dilemma or some hindrance appears out of the blue. All and all, I wish to thank Fantastic Services from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and giving me the tools to reach the next level!

In her spare time, she likes to dabble in cooking, reading, and all things nature

Unfortunately, my free time has lately become a rather rare commodity (she chuckles). If I do manage to steal a few minutes to myself, I usually spend them reading psychology-related books, cooking Italian, French, or Turkish cuisine, or just being closer to nature. I am also a big fan of jogging and I often visit my park to sharpen my mind and temper my spirit. However, my family is everything to me, so I usually end up spending time with them whenever I have the chance!


Fantastic Services would like to thank Plamena for her hard work and dedication and for finding the time to make this interview happen.

  • Last update: February 14, 2020

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