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How Much Does a Mice Control Service Cost

If you notice strange goings on around your home, such as chewed holes in your drywall, droppings the size of a rice grain or hear scratching noises in the walls, then you just might have a mouse infestation. It is possible to remove the pests via DIY methods if the infestation is still in the beginning. However, do not hesitate to leave it to a professional if it’s serious.

If you:

  • Suspect or know for certain that you have been infested by vermin.
  • Have tried DIY methods to no avail.
  • Have concluded that you need a professional exterminator.
  • Want to compare prices for mice control services.

Then read along, as this post will not only help you become familiar with the average pest control mice cost, but also how it is formed.

Is pest control worth it for mice?

Let’s see: these rodents have a gestating period of 19-21 days and can become pregnant immediately after giving birth. Mice reproduce about 5 to 10 times a year and sometimes you see new litters only 25 days apart. So, yes, pest control is worth it for mice because chances are that there will be plenty more where there’s one. You can’t catch all of them with the classic mouse trap.

So let’s look into some of the benefits of professional service in comparison to DIY methods.

Professional pest control saves time

Finding time between family and work is hard enough without you having to worry about catching mice. It takes some time to research traps and rodenticides and try them out. When you have a rodent infestation, time is the one thing you don’t have. As mentioned earlier, the more you wait, the worse the infestation becomes.

On the other hand, professionals have all the gear and experience to get inside your property and start the mice treatment right away. While they work, you can do literally anything else, so why not take the opportunity?

Professional exterminators have the proper knowledge

Pest controllers not only have traps, and rodenticides and know how to use them, but they also understand the mice’s behaviour. Pest control specialists know what signs to look for, and where to look for them, so they can find feeding routes and eventually the mouse nest itself.

With this knowledge, they will decide on the proper way of dealing with the pests. This knowledge also allows them to spray rodenticide in exactly the right place and not randomly all over your house. And sometimes rodenticide isn’t even that necessary.

As far as the rodenticide itself goes, it’s much stronger than the one sold to regular consumers, so it works more efficiently.

Guaranteed protection for your and your family’s health

Mice infestation gets more severe when ignored, but that is not the only problem. The rodents are known to carry at least 35 different diseases that can spread to you and your family via contact with faeces, urine or saliva. Even if you take a breath around a few pallet dropping, there is a chance you might get infected.

If you touch a dead mouse’s body or, heaven forbid, get bitten, you can also get infected. The exterminator will ensure the rodents spend as little time in your home as possible whilst wearing protection themselves.

Many professional companies even offer follow-up visits to ensure the problem has been eradicated. The only two downsides of professional services are the actual pest control mouse removal costs and the strength of the rodenticides. The costs are usually high. The rodenticides are quite harsh and no family members must be in the house while it’s being treated.

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How much is mice pest control

The average cost of pest control for mice depends greatly on each company as many factors go into formulating the final price. More on that later on, for now, these are the average mice control prices for London.

Property typePrice
1 bedroom propertyAround £100-150
2 bedroom propertyAround 180-£220
3 bedroom propertyAbove £250

An additional increase in cost may come in the form of a parking fee unless you have a permit to lend to the pest control specialist. Late-hour visits between 8 pm and 5 am also cost more. When the infestation is especially tough, additional visits are necessary and they usually cost extra. In the long run, however, regular visits are most recommended.

Therefore, at Fantastic Services we offer from 1-month to 4-month treatment options which include several visits to ensure the mice problem is completely taken care of.

Learn more about our mice control treatment and prices.

Mice can be very destructive to your home as they chew their way into the wood and cellulose parts of your home. Besides the insides of walls and support beams, they can also damage your electrical system. Chances are they have already caused some damage by the time you notice their presence.

In that sense, regular pest control visits are more of a preventative measure. The earlier you know of the infestation, the better, as you can prevent and save a lot of money from structural damage. A trained specialist will be able to detect the earliest signs.

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How is the mice exterminator cost formed?

Some of the factors that every company considers for their mice exterminator cost include:

  • The size of your home – mice hide in difficult-to-reach areas such as inside walls and vents. The more of these you have, the harder and longer the treatment will be, hence why it will cost more.
  • Your location – if you live in a hard-to-access area or outside the city, the pest controller will take more time and fuel just to get to your address besides the actual treatment.
  • Severity of infestation – some mice treatment jobs require a single visit, but worst cases require a second and sometimes a third one. Needless to say, that adds up to the total bill in the end.
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What does a mice removal service include?

Usually, the mouse treatment procedure is handled in one major visit and is not hourly charged. Instead, the exterminator stays until the job is done and the mice are no more. Here is a breakdown of the actions he or she takes to rid your home of the vermin.


Absolutely every pest treatment starts with an inspection. The exterminator will find all the entry points used by the rodents and also any potential damage they have caused. The damage can be fixed by a handyman later on.

Patch up of homes

It is essential to block the cavities and holes that the mice are using. The specialist will patch them with expanding foam, wool wire and special sealants. Please note that only rodent-size holes can be sealed. Anything larger should be handled by a proper handyman.


After your place is completely sealed, the mice will be trapped inside. The technician will set up baits and traps on strategic areas such as corners, attics, crawspaces and basement. They might also spray rodenticide if they decide the job requires it.

Got a rodent problem?

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How to prepare your house for a mouse exterminator

Hiring a professional mouse controller will definitely take care of the rodent problem and if you want to maximise the treatment even more, you can take the following actions:

  • Note mouse locations – take notes of every place you’ve seen a mouse or its dropping. Grease marks along walls are also common, as the rodents have greasy fur. The more you can tell your pest exterminator, the better.
  • Remove droppings – put on respiratory protection and gloves and clean all the areas where you’ve seen mice droppings. Remove the droppings along with any rubbish, clutter and food pieces with chew markings. Vacuum the area and clean thoroughly by wiping the surface with an antibacterial solution.
  • Clear out – remove the items from places where you’ve seen mouse activity. For example, beneath the sink or in some of the cupboards, wherever it may be. Doing this means no rodenticide will stick or get absorbed by the items and the pest controller will have more space to do their job.
  • Store food in a safe place – put any food that’s not canned in a plastic container and take the container out of the treated room. Inside the refrigerator is also a good place hiding place. You must keep your food stored in plastic containers for at least two weeks after treatment.
  • Make minor repairs – if you locate any entry holes in your walls, doors or windows, repair them so that no more mice will use them.
  • Take kids and pets to a different place – it’s best for them to be out of the house so that they wouldn’t inhale any of the harmful fumes whilst the exterminator works. Get them back the next day, just in case.

Image source: Anant Kasetsinsombut / Shutterstock

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