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Your All in One Guide on Moving to Luxembourg

Why Moving to Luxembourg

Today, we’ll continue our international removals guide series with another European relocation destination – Luxembourg. One of the smallest country in the world and a long-renowned financial haven for the rich, Luxembourg has become a permanent home to over 6000 economically active Brits.
So, if you’re looking to relocate there, this guide is for you. We’ll cover a lot of ground by digging deep into the way of life and standard of living in the country, we’ll explore visa requirements and residency rights, and we’ll share heaps of essential and interesting facts, you may want to know about this European tiny state.


Your All in One Guide on Moving to Ireland

Moving To Ireland

The Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom have strong economic relations and share a number of benefits between the population of the two countries. This is all a product of the years of work both sides have put in, after the agreement has been signed on The Good Friday 1998.

As a British expat moving to Ireland you will enjoy the same benefits which you would have in your own birthplace. This also goes for Irish expats moving to the UK.

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