Moving Tips

Moving and packing tips for a swift relocation.

How to Move House in Bad Weather

How to Move House in Bad Weather

Moving house is stressful without having to worry about bad weather. But, sometimes, things just don’t go your way. You’ve prepared yourself three months priorly, checked all important tasks on the checklist and everything seems in working order, ready for the big day. Until the weather forecast decides to play a trick on you on this exact day. You can’t change the day of your move, especially if you’ve booked moving services. And now you have to deal with moving during rain or snowstorm. (more…)

How to Pack Glass Dishes When Moving

How to Pack Glass Dishes for Moving

Moving house is a slow process, not to mention stress-inducing. It takes up to three months of preparation (unless you’re aiming for a disaster on moving day). Packing your belongings takes up a lot of time. There are professional services that can do this for you, but if you know how to pack brilliantly, you might not need them. (more…)

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