How Music and Dancing Help You Do Your Chores Better

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Household chores are an unavoidable and unending part of our lives. Very few of us enjoy cleaning and some even try to avoid it completely. But have you ever noticed that you finish more chores when you are happy? Well, researchers from Harvard Medical School did.

After completing a behavioural study of almost 30,000 people, the research team found that the majority of them were far more likely to take care of necessary, but boring, tasks when in a good mood. It may seem odd that we tend to seek out a happiness-destroying activity, such as housework when we wake up in a good mood. However, the authors of the study believe that this could be one way in which our brain can ensure that these unwelcome jobs get done.

Whether this is the case and whether we focus on positive outcomes while cleaning in a good mood, we don’t know. But what we do know is that listening to music, singing and dancing (or, in our case, attempting to dance) while doing chores seems to have the magical effect of making us more efficient and the chores – less boring.

How to Ease Your Chores Through Music & Dancing

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This effect is caused by your brain releasing dopamine, the chemical responsible for motivation, enjoyment and addiction. You get dopamine by listening to music that you enjoy and by stimulating the areas of the brain responsible for movement and coordination. It may also be why we use the mop as a microphone while serenading the neighbours, but that is something which needs further research.

If singing and dancing is not your cup of tea, there are many ways to make your chores seem easier.

  • Make cleaning a game. This is a great option if you would like to include young children in the cleaning routine. But even if you are an adult, playing a child-like game can lighten your mood and help you clean faster. From having a cleaning race to completing chores while acting like a robot, there are countless ways in which you can turn housework into a game. For more ideas on how to keep children engaged while cleaning, check out our article on “How to Include Your Children in Spring Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps”.
  • Distract yourself. Thinking about something other than cleaning, such as upcoming plans or leisure activities, can distract you long enough that you can complete your chores without noticing the passage of time.
  • Listen to an audiobook. In today’s fast-paced society, it can be difficult to find the time to devote to reading. So, why not listen to the book you’ve been wanting to read while doing your chores?
  • Calculate how many calories you have burned. As cleaning is a physical activity, you will naturally burn calories as you move around your home cleaning. But you may be pleasantly surprised at just how many calories you can burn this way.

Cleaning Playlists

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Singing and dancing, however, remain the best way to turn normally boring chores into a period of fun. With the music keeping you focused and the dancing breaking up the monotonous movements of cleaning, you will be able to blast through all of the chores in no time at all! Plus, you will burn even more calories than usual.

If you are having trouble deciding what songs to include in your cleaning playlist, online services, such as Spotify and Youtube, have a wide selection of housework playlists to choose from. The playlists are all composed of upbeat songs that will have you singing and dancing in no time. There is the slight danger that your pets may look at you as if you have lost your mind while you strut your stuff around the house. But how could they ever comprehend the feeling of uninhibited joy that comes with unleashing your inner dancing demon?

Regardless of how you keep yourself motivated while cleaning, it is important to reward yourself when finished. This will help you stay motivated and it will make the process of giving yourself a treat more enjoyable since you will have earned it. Rewards can be anything from a few hours of playing video games to meeting up with friends or going to the cinema with your family.
Keep in mind that the rewards apply only for those who have finished all of their chores. Don’t be tempted to cheat, delay some chores, or disregard your chores completely as the reward will lose all meaning and you will have to put in twice as much effort to finish them later.

Over to You

So there we have it, singing and dancing while cleaning can make chores easier by keeping you in a good mood, motivated, and distracted from just how boring and annoying housework can be. Now is the time to put on your favourite songs, turn the volume up, and clean your home in a frenzy of singing, dancing, and laughter. If you need some fresh and creative ideas, here’s our favourite playlist, when it comes to cleaning dirty stuff:

If you are having trouble creating and sticking to a cleaning routine, check out our article on “How to Create a Cleaning Routine and Stick to It”.

Did we miss anything? Do you have a cleaning playlist? Let us know in the comments below or give us a shout on social media!

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Last update: August 23, 2018
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