National Spring Cleaning Week is Here!

National Spring Cleaning Week

The National Spring Cleaning Week has struck! Each year, a special week of March marks the time when we dedicate ourselves to completely tidying up our homes in order to welcome spring. Fantastic Services are celebrating this year by spreading the word about the National Spring Cleaning week initiative and pointing out the benefits of spring cleaning.

National spring cleaning week is a campaign in which many different companies and organisations currently take part. It has one and only mission – to inspire and teach people to spring clean their lives and homes. This is a truly worthy endeavour and here, at Fantastic Services, we thought of some ways in which to support the initiative and educate our readers on the importance of spring cleaning. For the majority of the upcoming weeks, you can expect a multitude of posts, how-to’s, and guides on spring cleaning. Each of these materials will include special techniques, tools, and most importantly – checklists for you to cross off. They will all appear on the pages of our dedicated Fantastic Cleaners blog, so make sure to stop once every week.

Spring is a season of rejuvenation, a way to start things over after the long and hardy winter season – it’s the perfect time for new beginnings. The energy levels are high, giving you the boost to go through all the different aspects of your life and give them a good “spring clean”, be it finances, computer files, or your own health.

So, open your windows wide and let the spring sunshine in, because we are about to give you some fantastic tips and motivation.

Benefits of Traditional Spring Cleaning

benefits of spring cleaning

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First off, let’s point out why spring cleaning can increase the joy levels of just about anyone above and beyond. With seasons changing, it’s time to deal with most of the clutter you accumulated, to get rid of the old and start anew. Donating old clothes and objects, throwing away broken items, and freeing more breathing space in your room can help you fight stress, increase your productivity, and boost your energy. In fact, spring cleaning will make you more:


It all starts with one of the basic human emotions – the feeling of being happy. Have a look around and see whether everything you own right now makes you truly happy. If it doesn’t, then it might be high time to get rid of it. Too much clutter at home is one of the main reasons to feel perpetually stressful.


Cleaning up your belongings will improve your workflow and organisation. Especially if your coffee-stained desk was previously buried under piles of documents and a pleiad of sticky notes. In fact, your clean desk is sure to get noticed by your co-workers in a good way.


You can use the spring cleaning period to ignite a change in yourself, too. Do so by getting rid of the things that remind you of the past. Now that the burden of old boxes, clothes that you no longer wear, and pictures of people you don’t keep in touch with is finally off your shoulders, you will instantly feel liberated both figuratively and literally.


On the other hand, you can look at spring cleaning as a milestone of achievement. All the cleaning checklists and to-do lists are there to serve as stepping stones on your way towards completing the goals you’ve set for yourself this spring. It’s all about making a change in yourself through changing your home.


Even if your home gets dirty in about a minute after you’ve cleaned it entirely, the feeling you get when you finished your spring cleaning is simply sublime. Spending your energy in a couple-of-days-long, attention-grabbing cleaning procedures is one of the best ways to learn to appreciate the things you have.


What are your thoughts on the spring cleaning benefits for the body, soul, and mind? Do you have any specific spring cleaning techniques that you would like to share? Drop a comment below or give us a shout in social and we’ll be springing with joy!

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