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NEFF Appliances Fault Codes

NEFF appliances are among the most durable and reliable kitchen devices on the UK market. But every once in a while, a NEFF appliance will throw an error code for you to deal with. 

When a fault code is displayed on your NEFF appliance, it indicates a problem, but not what that problem is or what has caused it. An appliance fault code simply detects and indicates the nature of the issue and provides the general area where investigations need to be carried out.

Bear in mind that on many occasions, your NEFF appliance will be in need of professional repair from a certified electrician to get guaranteed results.

So, if : 

  • You have a problem with your NEFF appliance
  • You want to know what a specific error code means
  • You want to trace and correct faults in your NEFF appliance

Then, read on.

NEFF appliances fault codes and their importance

Your NEFF appliance will indicate an error code if it has a problem. This will be shown on the digital display and will be a single letter followed by one or two numbers. You can use this appliance error code to help identify where the problem is occurring. The most common appliance fault codes are related to defective oven elements, drainage issues on washing machines, and blocked pumps in dishwashers.

A detailed look at NEFF appliance error codes

NEFF dishwasher fault codes

NEFF dishwasher fault symbols will be displayed as flashing LEDs. Issues will be indicated by one of the error codes and will point you in the right direction of where the fault may lie. The most common faults of NEFF dishwashers are indicated below, with NEFF dishwasher error codes shown alongside:

  • E1 – This indicates a motor controller fault;
  • E9 – Possible overheating due to a heating circuit issue;
  • E15 – A leak resulting in insufficient water in the dishwasher will cause this error code to display;
  • E22 – NEFF dishwasher E22 could be the result of a blocked filter causing residual water in the sump pump;
  • E24 – This signifies a water drainage issue caused by a damaged drain hose or an obstructed drain hose.

NEFF dishwasher troubleshooting

To trace and correct faults in your NEFF dishwasher, you can follow these symptoms to troubleshoot:

Dishwasher not starting

This could be due to electrical issues such as the incoming power supply, a defective wall socket, switch or plug causing the circuit breaker to trip. Other problems could be related to the door not closing securely or issues with the inlet valves and taps.

Dishwasher not filling

Water pressure problems and supply could be the reason for your appliance not filling, as could blockages or kinks in the fill hose.

Dishwasher not heating

Problems with water temperature may be related to the heating circuit or the heating element. Another component that will need to be tested is the thermostat.

Dishwasher not draining

The drain pump could be the culprit here as food remnants trapped by filters and left in the water can obstruct the pump. Blockages or kinks in the drain hose will also cause this to happen.

If you have trouble locating your dishwasher fault you can allways rely on the Fantastic Services dishwasher repirman for help.

For more information on the dishwasher repair services available near you, click bellow.

NEFF induction hob error codes

The most common faults of a NEFF induction hob are:

  • The hob not starting up;
  • The hob shutting off during cooking;
  • The hob flashing after finishing cooking;
  • The hob making a noise;
  • Food isn’t cooking evenly.

NEFF induction hob error codes that may help you locate the source of the problem are shown here:

  • F1 – Tnsuitable cookware is being used, or there’s no cookware in the zone;
  • F2/F02/F4/F04– Tour appliance hasn’t cooled down completely;
  • F8/F08 – If your hob has been working on high power for a long time, the timeout will activate;
  • E9 – There’s an internal fault with your appliance electronics.

Bear in mind that most of the issues will require a certifed induction hob engeneer to complete the job and fix your NEFF appliance.

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NEFF oven error codes

Some of the most common NEFF oven problems that trigger error codes include faulty door seals, oven clock problems, faulty touchscreen controls, defective heating elements, and issues with the fan motor. We have selected the most common error codes that you may encounter in the list below:

  • Er1/ Er4 – This relates to a temperature sensor fault;
  • Er2 – The main connection issue is the reason for this error code;
  • Er6 – A door lock defect may be the culprit here;
  • Er7 – Ahere’s an issue with the door release mechanism;
  • Er11/ E0532/E05-32 – All buttons need to be pressed individually and not held down for too long, which will trigger these codes;
  • E5116/E51-16 – There is still air in the system on startup, and the oven will need to be restarted;
  • “000” flashes – The temperature in the oven is too high and may be related to the oven not cooling down completely.

NEFF washing machine error codes

The most common NEFF washing machine problems include filling and drainage issues, appliances not turning on or off, washer door not opening and noise problems, washing machine won’t spin or spin slowly. Faults can be diagnosed through the relevant NEFF washing machine error codes as detailed below:

  • E16/F16 – The door isn’t securely closed;
  • E17/F17 – The water supply time has exceeded;
  • E18/F18 – The pump time has exceeded;
  • E19/F19 – There’s a heater issue;
  • E20/F20 – Uexpected water heating may mean your appliance needs restarting;
  • E23/F23 – The Aquastop has been activated, indicating a possible leak and insufficient water;
  • E25/F25 – The turbidity sensor is defective;
  • E26/F26 – An analogue pressure sensor problem has been detected;
  • E27/F27 – There’s an issue with the pressure sensor;
  • E28/F28 – A water flow sensor issue has been found.

Professional Appliance Repairs

Get a professional to resolve your appliance issues.

Add a valid postcode e.g. SE1 2TH

Can’t locate the problem? Call in the professionals!

If any one of your NEFF appliances is experiencing operating problems and you don’t have the confidence to try and put them right, just contact the experts. Technicians from Fantastic Services will offer an entire range of repair options. All you have to do is get in touch.


  • Your NEFF appliance will indicate an error code if it has a problem and doesn’t run properly.
  • Issues will be shown by one of the fault codes and will indicate what the cause of the problem is.
  • To trace and fix the problem with your NEFF appliance, you can follow the error codes to troubleshoot.


We hope you found our post about NEFF Fault Codes useful. If you had similar problems with your appliances feel free to leave your comment in the section below.

Image Source: Shutterstock / NosorogUA

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