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Networking with a Difference: Welcome to Fantastic Plogging

On Tuesday, 23 April 2019, Fantastic Services launched a brand new event with a threefold mission: encourage networking amongst tech professionals, clean up the streets of London and get fit at the same time though an event called ‘plogging’.

What’s up with plogging?

The term ‘plogging’ is a global movement that has taken the world by storm in recent years. It started in Sweden in 2016 after increased awareness about plastic pollution, particularly in the world’s oceans. The hashtags #plogging and #trashtag have become synonyms for people’s interest in getting fit and cleaning the world of rubbish and plastic on our streets, keeping our cities, beaches and parks clean.

The event started at 1pm and participants gathered outside Mindspace in Shoreditch. It will be a monthly lunchtime event around Shoreditch with bin bags, gloves and litter grabbers provided. The collected rubbish will be sorted and recycled.

Organised by Hermione Way on behalf of Fantastic Services, Way said that the world is in a mess and that plastic pollution is at an all-time high. However, people are beginning to wake up and take action. This as well as social media hashtags inspired her to get the event up and running in London.

And who better to lead cleaning up a city we all love than London’s favourite domestic cleaning and maintenance company, Fantastic Services, Way asks.

Making an impact

Not only is ‘plogging’ great for the environment, it also results in a comprehensive physical workout. Other benefits of this initiative are the fact that tech professionals can take some time out of their schedules to network. “We will be teaming up with some incredible founders who want to network, do good and get fit on their lunch break,” said Way.

Fantastic Services CEO, Rune Sovndahl said: “This is a great opportunity to network with some of London’s most interesting tech people at the same time as getting fit and doing good. We hope that people get involved and reap the benefits of what will be a great event.”

Those interested in joining can take part in this inspirational endeavour, which will take place once a month for the next six months. Way added that she hoped other companies and individuals in London would be inspired to take action through joining in these events.

Header image source: Deposit Photos/ Author: doble.dphoto

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