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The Independent and Mario – our Pest Control Superhero

mario pest control and tom the cat

We at Fantastic Services agree whole-heartedly with Confucius musings  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Now, of course, a hot-cross bun tester will most likely concur, but how about those who work in, let’s say less tasty and desirable occupations. Well, as it turns out we have one such employee who bucks the trend and relishes his somewhat unusual job. (more…)

Rune’s Open Letter to the Editor of The Evening Standard

Rune Sovndahl Open Letter in The Evening Standard


Rune recently wrote to the editor’s section of The Evening Standard. He wanted to talk about an issue that is close to his heart. As the CEO of a business that works with and employs a number of skilled economic migrants, and with so much talk in the papers of BREXIT, he felt it was time to share his opinion on the matter. His letter is an open and honest reflection of his personal experience, when something similar was happening in his country of birth, Denmark. (more…)

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