Fantastic Services was created with the purpose of solving a problem. And solving is what we pride ourselves in doing. But we’ve found that partnering up with others brings a greater level of service for our clients. That’s why our partnerships are so important to us. They help us bring the best to our clients. From deals on barber services, wine, coffee, dry cleaning, laundry and perks for your employees, we’re offering special deals with our range of partners to make your experience with us even more comprehensive and fulfilling. Take a look at some of the deals offered by checking out the articles below.

Most recent articles in Partners

  • Travel + Epic = Trepic? #FantasticWorldTour!

    What is a "Trepic" when it's at home? For Brett Nottle and Solène Abauzit, it used to be the title of the document on which they planned their around the world travel dream. Now it's a fully realised journey plan featuring seven continents, one sturdy custom 4x4 and two intrepid adventurers who are being sponsored to take on the Antarctic and Siberian winter amongst other sights and challenges. It's sure to be a fantastic trip. Which means it only makes sense for them to have a certain sponsor. (more…)

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  • A Close Eye For Cleaning – Partnership with EyeRespect!

      To get the perfect results when cleaning your home, you need great vision. So what makes more sense than a partnership between Fantastic and an independent British eyewear company… Okay. We might be pushing it a bit with the link here. But provider of boutique handmade eyewear EyeRespect has got some great glasses and spectacle frames for both men and women. So we're very happy indeed that they're interested in partnering up with us. Now, simply for being a Fantastic customer, you can GET A MASSIVE £30 OFF eyewear with your next purchase from EyeRespect. (more…)

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  • The Perfect Clean Shave – Fantastic Partners with The Personal Barber

    Few things are as irritating as a messy, dirty home. But for many people, the irritation of a rough shave sure comes close! (more…)

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  • Save Money on Luxury Coffee with Our Latest Fantastic Partner

    Like coffee? Like having your house professionally cleaned so you can just come home and relax? Maybe with a nice cup of the aforementioned in hand? Fantastic Services has just partnered up with artisan roasted coffee purveyors Blue Coffee Box. As a Fantastic customer, this means you can now get MONEY OFF your first order with them. If you're anything like the coffee-guzzling Fantastic office team, this could be rather good news for you. (more…)

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  • Now You Can Relax at Home and on the Beach – Fantastic Partners Afina London

    You already make life simpler and less stressful for yourself by using Fantastic's easy-to-book domestic cleaning services. But what happens when you really need to get away from it all? More than likely, it's time for a little holiday. And if you're like many of the Fantastic office team, that means a beach is an absolute requirement. But that probably means that swimwear is going to be a requirement, too. Finding something which really makes you happy to wear it on the beach or by the pool can be a challenge at any time of year. Luckily, we've just partnered up with Afina London. The Mayfair-based luxury swimwear label is all about making swimwear that's universally flattering as well as being ahead of the curve in terms of both quality and style. We're talking Italian fabrics and French 24-carat gold plated accessories here. Colour us intrigued. (more…)

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