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  • Meet the Pros: Katya

    Welcome to Meet the Pros series, where we introduce you to our franchise partners and people of the trade. It's been a while since we talked about our cleaning sector, so we are getting right on with it. Meet Katya, who's been with us for over six years and has a story to tell you as to why, a clean

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  • Get to Know Pest Control Franchise With Mario – Our Pest Control Superhero

    We at Fantastic Services agree whole-heartedly with Confucius musings “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Now, of course, a hot-cross bun tester will most likely concur, but how about those who work in, let’s say less tasty and desirable occupations. We

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  • Meet the Pro – Ivan Vasilev

    Let’s meet another one of our franchise partners—Ivan Vasilev. Ivan has lived in the UK for nearly five years and has worked with Fantastic Services for the better part of them. He specialises in oven cleaning and has four teams under his wing. We had the chance to talk to him and ask him a few

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  • Meet the Pros: David Miloshev

      This year, we’ve been waiting an awful lot to welcome the budding colours of spring. But, like they say, better late than never. Once spring finally arrived, it brought us some positive mood and an abundance of colours to go along with it – blossoming plants, buzzing bugs, and... t

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  • Meet the Pros: Georgi Kostov

    Keep moving forward and don't ever let your motivation leave you. Spring is finally here and with it the contagious enthusiasm that urges us to boldly change our way of life for the better. So much so that many people choose this season as the perfect time to act and switch their homes, local commu

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  • Meet the Pros: Plamena

    It’s over – winter has finally released its cold grasp over the country. And while the blooming trees, chirping birds, and rising temperatures are no doubt lifting our spirits as we speak, our gardens and homes are probably in dire need of some tidying up. Thus, we felt that it was our sacred du

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