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Nominate the people who helped during lockdown for our #JulyTreat

The past few months have been very difficult. The lockdown was a lonely and scary time for all of us. So we would like to make the month of July a tad more bright and positive by bringing in our Fantastic July Treat.

When the times are harsh, some people go out of their way to help those who are struggling. And we think that such people deserve an award for having a big heart. Well, we don’t really give away such awards. But we can reward them with a free service! 

So if you think that a person deserves a free service from Fantastic Services so they could be a little more well-rested and relaxed, then we would like you to tell us about them and nominate them for a free service.

Perhaps they helped a local charity during the lockdown.
Or they donated their protective equipment to the local hospital.
Maybe they walked and fed somebody’s dog.

Even the smallest act of kindness counts!

Here is what you need to do in order to nominate a person for a free service as part of the July Treat.

#1. Go to our #JulyTreat Facebook post.
#2. Tag the person you would like to nominate in the comment section.
#3. Tell us how they helped you or anyone else if you feel like it (optional).

Each week of July, we will pick two nominees at random and reward them with a Fantastic Treat – a free service carried out by the Fantastic professionals! So let’s make the month of July a little more special and spread the positive vibes.

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