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Notting Hill Carnival Clean up

Now that the much dreaded Notting Hill carnival is behind you, we hope that you will be able to relax and look forward to a whole year of people not throwing bottles at your windows and not graffiti-spraying your house or place of business.

Alas, the spirit of celebration is gone. And all that is left is hundreds of tons of rubbish, some timeless “street art” and a bunch of ruined yards. So, if you are dealing with a huge post-carnival mess, then maybe Fantastic Services can be of assistance to you.

Dealing with a post-carnival mess? Our range of outdoor services can help.

The first thing that comes to mind is rubbish. And you can easily arrange a rubbish collection & disposal service with us. Basically, we will send a waste management team to your address who will collect all the rubbish and dispose of it.

Another mess you might be dealing with would be some mysterious stains on walls and pavement. Luckily, we offer a jet washing service done with some of the most powerful pressure washers in the world. Of course, jet washing can’t be used for windows but we got you covered – you can book outdoor window cleaning for your place. It’s done from ground level with telescopic poles that reach up to the 4th level of a building.

On the other hand, the celebrating crowds might have been a little bit more intrusive. If your yard and the green spaces around your place have been ruined, then you might find our range of gardening & landscaping services quite useful. You can simply take a picture of the mess and send it to us so we can assess the situation and offer you the most suitable service that will amend the situation.

And speaking of ruins, in case your property has sustained some damages (we sure hope not), then snap some pictures and send them to us. We’ll take a look and see if the Fantastic handymen could fix them.

Our entire range of services is available to you 24/7, and you can set up an appointment for a time that works best for you. You can easily check our prices and availability in our online booking form, just enter your postcode.

The carnival is now over. But the mess is still here.

See how we can help you out.

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