On-Demand Laundry Services With MONEY OFF Too?

Get your cleaning, gardening, and home repairs from Fantastic Services, and there’s only one thing left to do:

Your laundry.

But now there’s a handy way to get that taken care of too! Top-rated startup firm Laundrapp is the Uber of home laundry services. One app is all you need!

You get on-demand door-back-to-door service. That’s your laundry picked up, taken away, cleaned, and brought back ready to wear!


And being Fantastic Services, we’ve found a way to GET MONEY OFF your first order for you.

Ever wished that a magical fairy could pop round and take care of your laundry and dry cleaning for you?

That’s essentially the service that Laundrapp provides with their on-demand laundry services:

You designate the time and place using a few screen touches. A professional comes round to pick up your laundry, and returns it at the time you choose, freshly cleaned.

For obvious reasons, this makes it a great fit with your usual Fantastic cleaning and gardening services. So when Laundrapp got in touch, we snapped up the idea of a partnership in about a second flat.

What is Laundrapp and where can I find it?

Laundrapp jumped in at number 29 of the Top 100 Startups of 2015. Its three founders wanted to bring the same convenience to the laundry and dry cleaning industry that Airbnb has brought to accommodation, Uber to taxis, and GoFantastic to home services.

The company is now expanding at around one location every week – and the trend looks set to continue!

Get Money Off On-Demand Laundry Services Now

All you need to do to get money off your first order with Laundrapp is quote to them “FANTASTIC16” and you’ll be good to go. 25% OFF laundry done.

If you need any more information about Laundrapp, visit – or have a chat with your Fantastic Services adviser next time you call to book a service. We’re here 24/7.

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