On-Demand Home Services Becoming Mainstream?!

On-Demand Apps becoming Mainstream

Or at least that’s what another major tabloid has to say about Fantastic Services. Monty Munford of The Telegraph is sharing some thoughts in an article about the economic landscape of on-demand services and how they’re changing everyday life.

There used to be a time when society’s limitations were not even thought of as such. But technology is opening doors that once we never even bothered to knock on. In the article, the CEO of Fantastic Services Rune Sovndahl says a great deal of his company’s success is owed to the fact that the modern users realise that they have much to gain if somebody else handles the tedious and time-consuming home chores instead of them.

For example, just a few years ago, the news of robotic vacuum cleaners gave us the impression that we were hearing about what life would be in some distant future, possibly on another planet. (You can throw in some flying cars in there for better imagery.) But what do you know? Here we are today, tripping on our infrared-sensor Roombas and whatnot because we were too preoccupied with downloading food through our smartphones!

Well, okay, maybe downloadable food is something that strictly belongs to sci-fi territory but can you really argue that we don’t have access to pretty much the second best thing? Fresh meal ingredients can be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of minutes so you don’t even have to take a glance in the direction of your local supermarket anymore.

And how about those dreadful domestic chores? Springtime used to bring us joy after the cold months of the year but it took its toll, too. They call it “spring cleaning” for a reason. But nowadays, you don’t have to waste the entire weekend, scrubbing and washing until you drop. Instead, you can hire somebody else to do the job while you enjoy that weekend however you like. And from what we hear, there’s this totally cool app called GoFantastic that you can use to book cleaning and much more on-demand home services!

You can read the entire article of Monty Munford here.

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Last update: August 24, 2018

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