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How to Easily Open Your Digital Safe When the Batteries are Dead

Digital electronic safes are a mix between advanced technology and robust security, and that sure sounds like they’re the perfect keepers of your valuables, if it weren’t for one small detail – batteries. How long does a safe battery last? Well, whe batteries of your electronic safe may last up to 2 years or 8 000 openings on average. Nobody guarantees that they’ll operate for that long, so your cells can become exhausted at any time.

It’s unpleasant when you try to get something valuable out of your strongbox only to find out that the batteries of your digital safe are dead. In this case, it will be great to know how to open it, right?

One step at a time, let’s:

  • Find out if your safe has run out of battery power
  • Learn the type of your digital coffer’s lock mechanism
  • Determine what’s the best way to open your electronic lockbox
Table of Contents:

Signs of a dead safe battery

Often, the mechanism of your digital lockbox will give you a warning when the batteries are low in power. Don’t expect to receive such a message if you’ve invested in a cheap safe.

Here are some of the most common symptoms that your safe’s battery is dead:

  • Multiple beeping sounds – You hear these when you try to enter your code. While it depends on the type of panel, you can also see a small flashing light indicator. This does not necessarily mean that your cells are flat, so make sure you use the correct combination.
  • Low battery warning on the display – High-priced safes have a small LED display that shows notifications whether you enter a wrong code or your batteries have run out of juice. Also, those modern coffers are easier to access and come with many other perks.
  • Safe panel doesn’t react to interactions – You try to input both right and wrong combinations, but your lockbox remains silent. That is a definite sign that the batteries are now fully exhausted and you have to replace them. Read further and learn how.

Every safety deposit box model varies and there are a variety of electronic safe boards. Each one has its own features, but if it has a biometric lock, then you’re definitely secured.

As expected, the more expensive the safe is, the harder it will be to get into it. Or not?

An experienced safecracker can break into your lockbox in 10 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the model.

How to open a digital safe when the batteries are dead and no key

Today’s market offers different models regardless of brand, so how you open your safe when the battery dies depends on the safe type itself.

Safe with batteries behind the keypad

These more expensive safes typically have batteries hidden behind their keypads. When the battery is getting low, these safes typically give you plenty of time to replace it before it runs out.

  • Determine the location of the battery compartment on or behind the keypad;
  • If visible, slide or lift the cover to access the battery compartment. It’s possible that you have to take out the screws or unlatch the display panel on some models;
  • Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones of the same type and voltage;
  • Close and secure the battery compartment, ensuring it is properly sealed;

Learn how the knowledgeable safe locksmiths at Fantastic can help you out!

Safe with emergency power supply

High-end lockboxes have an emergency power connection, especially the ones which have a biometric scanner. If the power runs out, there’s a socket where an external backup battery connects and allows you to open the safe.

  • Find the socket for an external backup battery near the keypad;
  • Plug in an external battery via the provided plugs or manually attach it to the connection inputs;
  • After connecting the external battery, look at the back of the safe’s opening to find the internal battery case.
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Safe with override key

Some lockbox models come with an emergency override key. If you have one, then your battery holder is probably inside your safe.

  • Find your emergency lock, it’s likely located next to your keypad behind a removable cover;
  • Find your override access key;
  • Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it to unlock the safe.

Remember to keep your override key somewhere safe and never lock it inside your safe. If you lose it, call a professional locksmith service to gain access to your lockbox.

Electronic safe maintenance tips

Regular attention to these tips will contribute to the longevity and reliable operation of your electronic safe. 

  • Regular battery checks – Periodically check and replace the batteries to ensure the safe’s electronic components remain functional;
  • Quality batteries – Use high-quality batteries to extend their lifespan and prevent unexpected failures;
  • Override key security – Store the override key in a secure location outside the safe to avoid being locked out in case of battery failure or malfunction;
  • Temperature control – Avoid exposing the safe to extreme temperatures, as it can affect battery life and safe operation;
  • Avoid rechargeable batteries – Opt for non-rechargeable batteries to prevent frequent replacements and potential issues with the safe’s operation;
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines – Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe usage and maintenance to ensure optimal performance over time.
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Don’t force your way into the electronic safe

There are ways you can break into it and those aren’t recommended. Using brute force and lock picking can damage the lockbox. It also leads to injuries.
The best way to open your digital lockbox is to leave it to the pros.

An experienced safe locksmith guarantees that there won’t be any damage both to your box and the lock mechanism. The experts know how to effortlessly open your safe and give you fast access to your belongings.

Check out how much you can expect to pay for this locksmith service and more in our blog post on the matter.

Need a professional locksmith?

Find a reliable professional to quickly open your safe!

Add a valid postcode e.g. SE1 2TH


  • Determine if the batteries are flat or if there’s another underlying issue
  • Find out the type of your electronic lockbox and discover the location of your battery case
  • Don’t force your way into your digital safe; you can damage it and injure yourself
  • Contact a reliable emergency locksmith service provider to open it and save you all the trouble


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Image source: DepositPhotos / katalinks

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