How to Become a Master in Shade Gardening

shade garden and shade garden plants

Do you have a shady garden? Does your little paradise require special attention when it comes to planting the right varieties and organising your flowery display in areas with more shade? Well that’s completely normal. All types of green life need different things from Mother Nature in order to survive. And if you learn to listen to your garden’s needs, you will be rewarded in the end.

So, read on to get some useful tips on how to incorporate various shade garden ideas into your landscape design and get to know your shade loving plants before you grab your flower shovel!

10 How-to Tips for Storing Your Summer Gear During Winter

summer items storage tips

Admit it! This year’s glorious British summer has probably encouraged you to buy more gear than you would generally bother to get in past summer seasons. Be it an extra garden seating set for those frequent extended-family barbeque gatherings and an enormous marquee to match, so your guests can sit under and avoid the scorching sun. Or maybe, you’ve purchased a large-sized inflatable pool for your kids to splash about, a fancy portable jacuzzi and of course, that long-dreamed-of jet ski, you are taking down to Devon, right? Whatever it is, most likely, you’ve compiled a fair amount of summer items, in attempt to take full advantage of the hot weather this year.

Hmm, but where are you going to pack and store all this stuff, once Autumn sets in?


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Helpful Tips on How to Clean Tile Grout

Tile grout

If you’ve ever done some radical kitchen or bathroom renovations, you have probably handled the task of installing new tiles. People tend to think mostly about how the size, colour, and design will be incorporated into the room they are purchasing the tiles for. The functional side of things, like maintenance, often times is overlooked. Don’t get the wrong idea, tiles only need a few wipes with a paper towel to get all shiny again but grout, on the other hand, can be a major pain to keep clean. We are not talking only from a cleanliness point of view. Imagine this situation:

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