How to Get Rid of Moths

How to Get Rid of Moths

Moths seem harmless at first glance, especially if you see only a single one. But together, they could easily cause a destructive house infestation. You have to act quickly as soon as you spot the earliest signs. But, don’t worry. With this handy guide, the Fantastic Services team explains how to get rid of a moth infestation and prevent the emergence of a new one. (more…)

How to Clean Shaggy & Wool Rugs

Cleaning and maintaining for your shag or wool rug

Shag and wool rugs have been around for a while, and recently they have made their fabulous return in many contemporary homes. A simple wool rug can give any cold, empty room a cosy and welcoming appearance. But in order for it to have a happy and long life, you need to know how to clean any shag pile rug properly and what to do for its regular maintenance.

How to Stop a Washing Machine From Vibrating on a Wooden Floor

washing machine walkies

One day, out of the complete blue, your washing machine decides to start dancing around your home while cleaning your clothes. Sure, this may seem like a good sign to just replace the thing with a new one but wait for a sec. Put that wallet back in your pocket and hear us out: there are certain measures you can take in order to stop your appliance from vibrating every time you turn it on. (more…)

How to Pack Glass Dishes When Moving

How to Pack Glass Dishes for Moving

Moving house is a slow process, not to mention stress-inducing. It takes up to three months of preparation (unless you’re aiming for a disaster on moving day). Packing your belongings takes up a lot of time. There are professional services that can do this for you, but if you know how to pack brilliantly, you might not need them. (more…)

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