Help in Understanding When Exactly Does Your Lawn’s Grass Stop Growing

Shutterstock/ By Georgii Shipin

You’re wondering when and at what temperature the grass on your lawn goes into a dormant state. Maybe, it’s because you’re yearning to put your lawn mower away after the busy summer gardening season. Or it’s for the opposite reason, you find mowing therapeutic and keep asking yourself if it is still OK to cut your grass in the winter. (more…)

How to Clean an Upholstered Headboard

Cleaning fabric bed headboards

depositphotos / by generationclash85

People say bedroom furniture is not complete without a headboard. Having an upholstered headboard on your bed adds both a luxury and cosy feel to your bedroom. Subdued or over-the-top, modern or in a renaissance style, sooner or later, there will come a time to clean it and maintain its look in top condition.

Need home cleaning? Just tell Alexa

Book one off cleaning with Alexa and Fantastic Services

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Now, for the first time ever, you can take care of your home cleaning with a little help from Alexa. That’s right, we put two and two together and Fantastic Services has made it possible for you to use your Amazon Echo device in another fun and helpful way. You can easily book our One-off Cleaning Service for your place with just a few voice commands. (more…)