Fantastic Services providing a helping hand with Gousto!

Gousto in partnership with Fantastic Services

This month, Fantastic Services have teamed up with Gousto to bring you a fantastic deal. Gousto is a recipe and ingredient home delivery service. Imagine having everything you need to cook delicious meals delivered straight to your door. With Gousto you don’t need that epic shopping list, soul-crushing queue at the checkout or to take part in the heavyweight grocery bag Olympics. All you need is your weekly box. (more…)

How to Make Your First Million!

Fantastic Service Featured in Money Week

We’re making headlines again and this time it’s in Money Week, the UK’s best-selling financial magazine. They provide intelligent and enjoyable commentary on the most important financial stories that are happening, now! They also provide thought provoking and practical advice on how to get ahead in business. (more…)

Fantastic Services chosen to help Channel 4’s Secret Shopper with Mary Portas

Fantastic Services on Channel 4's "Secret Shopper"

Retail guru Mary Portas, the Queen of the British aisles, is making waves in her new series of Secret Shopper. In the television show she works with some of Britain’s best-known brands and high-street chains to give shoppers the service they deserve and in one of her most recent episodes, Fantastic Services was there to give a helping hand. Don’t worry, Fantastic Services wasn’t one of the businesses that needed help, we were there to help clean up! (more…)

5 Cheap Places to Rent in London

london voew from the sky

Finding an inexpensive rental flat in central London is definitely like winning the lottery – it happens to one in a million. The skyrocketing prices are a result of the latest arrival of more and more young professionals “invading” the city in pursuit of happiness and career success. There is now much more demand for rental properties than the market can supply which is why homeowners are now increasing their rent. Despite this, you should definitely not lose hope because there are still some reasonably priced lodgings once you step a little bit off the tourist tracks. Living on the North side of the river, for example, seems to be cheaper. (more…)