Congratulations to the lucky winner of the Fantastic Services and Square Mile competition!

Congrats to the Square Mile Winner!

This summer, Fantastic Services teamed up with Square Mile, a luxury lifestyle magazine focused on the interests of people that work, play and spend in the City of London. Knowing, that their readers would rather spend their free time enjoying their normal jet-setting lifestyle, or doing something simple like the weekly shop, we ran a competition giving away one month of free home cleaning (one cleaning session per week). (more…)

The First Household Services App Available on Apple Watch Platform Changes the Face of On-Demand Services Booking

GoFantastic now on Apple iWatch

This is how The Economic Voice described the latest innovation from Fantastic Services in their review of the GoFantastic Apple Watch app.

Once again, Fantastic Services have changed industry standards, given tech-savvy consumers something to swoon over, and made a difference to how we manage our lives, with the launch of a first of its kind, on-demand service app compatible with iWatch.

Caution: Adults at Play!

Fantastic Services at Slide and Scoop

In our hectic and modern lives, most of us focus too much on being responsible and grown up. We don’t make enough time for pure fun! But just because we’re adults, doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves so seriously and make life all about work. It’s a sad fact, the older we get the less time we spend playing. However, on 29th August, Fantastic Services had the perfect solution for this. (more…)