How to Make Your First Million!

Fantastic Service Featured in Money Week

We’re making headlines again and this time it’s in Money Week, the UK’s best-selling financial magazine. They provide intelligent and enjoyable commentary on the most important financial stories that are happening, now! They also provide thought provoking and practical advice on how to get ahead in business. (more…)

Fantastic Services chosen to help Channel 4’s Secret Shopper with Mary Portas

Fantastic Services on Channel 4's "Secret Shopper"

Retail guru Mary Portas, the Queen of the British aisles, is making waves in her new series of Secret Shopper. In the television show she works with some of Britain’s best-known brands and high-street chains to give shoppers the service they deserve and in one of her most recent episodes, Fantastic Services was there to give a helping hand. Don’t worry, Fantastic Services wasn’t one of the businesses that needed help, we were there to help clean up! (more…)

Fantastic Services as a Challenger Brand by Real Business Magazine

Fantastic Services as a Challenger Brand

It’s all about the challenge

Fantastic Services were featured in Real Business magazine this month. Real Business magazine has been the champion of UK enterprise for more than 17 years. They are the most read SME website dedicated to high-growth businesses and entrepreneurs. In the article, they describe Fantastic Services as a challenger brand. A brand that is giving the market leaders in the service industry a good run for their money. (more…)

The Value of an Idea

Rune Sovndahl on The Economic Voice

Starting a new business shouldn’t be dictated by the amount of capital you do or don’t have. Sometimes a great idea is all it takes. Recently, Rune Sovndahl CEO and co-founder of Fantastic Services, spoke to The Economic Voice about what it takes to start and run a successful multi-million pound corporation. The Economic Voice provides news updates and opinion on economics, politics and everything else in between. (more…)