​A Free Handyman to Help With Recovery

free handyman service for rirs

The Richmond Integrated Recovery Service (RIRS) is the local branch of the national charity CGL – Change, Grow, Live. The great staff there help individuals and communities across the UK which are affected by drugs, crime, homelessness, anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse. It’s the sort of vital service which people all over the country would be all the poorer without.
So when RIRS reached out to Fantastic Services for a little maintenance work on their Richmond premises, we were glad to be able to offer some free handyman services.

Nine Days to Build a New Home? Fantastic Helps DIY SOS!

fantastic gardeners help diy project in kent

Can you build an entire house in nine days? With a family of two dads, two boys, and two girls all needing to share one tiny, rickety bungalow on the Isle of Sheppey, the DIY: SOS team decided it was up to the challenge!

Luckily, a whole group of local volunteers jumped at the chance to help. As did some specialist tradesmen, including a team of builders and team of gardeners from Fantastic Services…

A Fantastic Garden Makeover for Amaia

john burns project by Fantastic Gardeners

Let’s reminisce for a moment! Remember when having a lesson outside the classroom felt like being given the key to Narnia? Those were the days! Too few and too far apart for my liking.

Things have moved on since, and many education authorities now recognise the importance of young people experiencing the world beyond the classroom as part of their learning and development. Gardening Clubs are growing in popularity and encourage children to learn about gardening, whether that be in the form of a small vegetable patch or tending to a raised bed of wildflowers. (more…)

Meet the Pros: David Miloshev

Meet the Pros


This year, we’ve been waiting an awful lot to welcome the budding colours of spring. But, like they say, better late than never. Once spring finally arrived, it brought us some positive mood and an abundance of colours to go along with it – blossoming plants, buzzing bugs, and… tasty chocolate! That’s right, we hope you’ve eaten your fair share of Easter eggs and had time to do some spring cleaning because it’s finally time to start preparing for the summer. Home renovations are at their peak during these warmer months, speaking of which – here we are again with yet another fascinating story to share! This time, it’s about David Miloshev – an exemplary colleague and a handyman extraordinaire. (more…)

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