14 Easy Steps to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready

summer ready garden

It’s that time of year when your garden stocks up on good food, closes its eyes and hibernates until spring. Like a bear it’ll sleep its way through the harshest months, waking up when the sun starts shining again. Whilst it’s tucked up for its winter sleep, it’s a great time to start thinking about what needs doing in preparation for the summer. Your garden may go dormant but you don’t have to. (more…)

Rune Sovndahl and Share Radio Talk about the Importance of Leisure Time

Rune Sovndahl on Share Radio

Are we a lazy nation, or do we just appreciate our spare time?

Georgie Frost of Share Radio recently had an interesting chat with Rune Sovndahl CEO of Fantastic Services on her live show “Consuming Issues”. They talked about the reasons that British people hire a cleaner, and why a large percentage of those that do don’t tell their family and friends about it. (more…)

Removal Horror Stories and How to Avoid them, Fantastically!

Removal Horror Stories

Fantastic Removals – helping to deliver!

Moving homes can be one of life’s most stressful events. Even if you’re upgrading to a new, swankier place, transferring all of your prized possessions is a big deal. That’s why Fantastic Removals knows it’s important to get it right. This month, we were featured in The Times helping to move Lydia Barrett, a PR agent. Having moved homes more than once, this time, she chose to use the professionals after a previous moving experience from hell. (more…)

Rune’s Open Letter to the Editor of The Evening Standard

Rune Sovndahl Open Letter in The Evening Standard


Rune recently wrote to the editor’s section of The Evening Standard. He wanted to talk about an issue that is close to his heart. As the CEO of a business that works with and employs a number of skilled economic migrants, and with so much talk in the papers of BREXIT, he felt it was time to share his opinion on the matter. His letter is an open and honest reflection of his personal experience, when something similar was happening in his country of birth, Denmark. (more…)

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