Gardening Buddy or Bugbear? Female First Has Some Relationship Saving Tips

gardening as a couple

As the days are starting to grow longer and the promise of sunshine is upon us you may have already started dreaming of or dreading working with your loved one to get your garden summer ready. There are many ways you can make the most of the sunshine in your outdoor space whether it’s breakfast outdoors, lounging in the sun, barbeques or just a safe place for your children to play. You and your partner can create an oasis for the whole family to enjoy.

Female First had some fantastic Gardening As A Couple tips for its green-fingered lifestyle community. By following these you and your “better half” can join forces and work in botanical harmony to build your very own Garden of Eden, Château de Versailles or perhaps you’d like a smaller version of the world famous Butchart Gardens. (more…)

GoFantastic @ Webit 2017

webit festival europe


Ladies and Gentlemen, we can now add a technological trailblazing feather in our caps. We are not usually ones to blow our own trumpet, but just this once we feel it’s justified.

Our GoFantastic app was recently nominated for the Best Client Service Mobile App at the Webit Festival 2017 which took place in Sofia Tech Park on 25th April.  And….drum roll, please…. we won! To say we are over the moon would be something of an understatement. (more…)

The Independent and Mario – our Pest Control Superhero

mario pest control and tom the cat

We at Fantastic Services agree whole-heartedly with Confucius musings  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Now, of course, a hot-cross bun tester will most likely concur, but how about those who work in, let’s say less tasty and desirable occupations. Well, as it turns out we have one such employee who bucks the trend and relishes his somewhat unusual job. (more…)

NatWest Bites Into Our GoFantastic App

gofantastic at natwest
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Here’s a little brainteaser for you. People need me yet they give me away every day. What am I?

Did you get it? The answer is of course “Money”.

Riches, dough, lolly, bread and honey, dosh, moola, whatever you like to call it, is not a topic that everyone finds easy to talk about or often shies away from. And this is where NatWest’s new online series ‘Money Bite”, which aims to get Britain talking about money and making better financial decisions, is hoping to make a difference. (more…)