Fantastic Valentine’s Gifts For Him or Her!

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It’s a very caring thank you from Fantastic Services to you this Valentine’s Day. We’ll be keeping things purely platonic if it’s alright with you, but that doesn’t mean we’re not grateful for how things have gone between us this year!

In gratitude to all of our clients during the year – and to help you out with Valentine’s Day gift ideas – we’ve put together THREE MONEY OFF VALENTINES VOUCHER DEALS just for you.


10 Ideas To Keep You On Top Of The Gardening Trends In 2018

gardening trends for 2018

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2017 has come and gone and in it, we saw a push towards the outdoors. Weather-resistant plans and outdoor kitchens surrounded by beautiful and fashionable furniture were big gardening trends that year. We looked for more eco-friendly solutions to pest problems and we adapted our garden to urban environments—trends that have continued to grow this year as well.

We also strived for a healthier living with fresh, locally grown produce, we hosted garden parties with unique botanically infused cocktails, and we joined in on the collaborative consumption movement, which saw us grow our community and bring more income into your households. Inside the house, we created micro ecosystems to serve as beautiful natural pieces of decor and we watched our favourite gardening TV shows for more inspiration.

Spring might seem far away at the moment, but new ideas have already started to emerge and fuel our imagination. Some of last year’s most popular trends have grown even more in popularity, and entirely new ones have arrived as well. Join us as we discover what are the top 10 new trends that will emerge in the UK garden scene in 2018.