Nine Days to Build a New Home? Fantastic Helps DIY SOS!

fantastic gardeners help diy project in kent

Can you build an entire house in nine days? With a family of two dads, two boys, and two girls all needing to share one tiny, rickety bungalow on the Isle of Sheppey, the DIY: SOS team decided it was up to the challenge!

Luckily, a whole group of local volunteers jumped at the chance to help. As did some specialist tradesmen, including a team of builders and team of gardeners from Fantastic Services…

Get That Summer Holiday Vibe at Home

get that summer holiday feeling at home
By Subbotina Anna / Shutterstock

Summer is here and in full swing. That means it is time for the highly anticipated summer vacation. Regardless of whether you will travel abroad or within the UK, what awaits is a period of relaxation, rest, exploration, and a general carefree attitude.

But, as with all good things, your vacation is destined to end and the inevitable monotony of daily life slowly devours that holiday vibe. Most of us will look back on those memories with fondness, knowing that the holiday feeling we are craving will not be satisfied until next year. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, as there are many ways to introduce the holiday feeling into your daily life. Keep reading to find out 8 ways of getting that summer holiday feeling at home. (more…)

How to Clean Your Barbecue In 4 Simple Steps

how to clean your barbecue

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Don’t you just love summer BBQs? There is nothing more fun than assembling a group of your favourite friends and family members, buying huge platters of fresh meat from the butchers (or Tesco), stocking up on crates of beer, and firing up the barbie.

Each year, as soon as it becomes hot enough (or maybe a little bit before), we start preparing the garden and planning those hot summer days and long balmy nights, filled with interesting chatter, tasty salads, and above all – freshly barbecued burgers. (more…)

A Fantastic Garden Makeover for Amaia

john burns project by Fantastic Gardeners



Let’s reminisce for a moment! Remember when having a lesson outside the classroom felt like being given the key to Narnia? Those were the days! Too few and too far apart for my liking.

Things have moved on since, and many education authorities now recognise the importance of young people experiencing the world beyond the classroom as part of their learning and development. Gardening Clubs are growing in popularity and encourage children to learn about gardening, whether that be in the form of a small vegetable patch or tending to a raised bed of wildflowers. (more…)

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Business Trips

business trips
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If like many people you have to travel for work, getting the most out of your business trips can mean the difference between enjoying life and going a little flight-cabin crazy!
Luckily, the folks over at NatWest have collected some clever hints and tips for business trips from businesspeople who are forced to spend a lot of time travelling for work. Including Fantastic Services’ very own CEO and co-founder, Rune Sovndahl. (more…)