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Common Panasonic Washing Machine Error Codes

Panasonic appliances are characterised by high-quality performance, efficiency and user-friendly modes. Their washing machines are designed to make your everyday laundry tasks easier and are equipped with features that get rid of allergens, bacteria and odour. The appliances are also integrated with diagnostic sensors that can detect an existing problem and intervene to protect the machine. In the event of an issue, the Panasonic washing machines will display an error code to signify which component is malfunctioning. If you see such a fault code flashing on the digital display, don’t worry. Most of the issues can be easily fixed and even if you can’t handle the troubleshooting yourself, you can always book a washing machine repair by an expert engineer.

So, if you:

  • Have a Panasonic washing machine that is malfunctioning;
  • Want to know what is the meaning behind the error code you see;
  • Want to learn more about Panasonic washing machines.

Then, keep reading because this article is just for you! We’ll share with you the most common Panasonic washing machine fault codes, along with the meanings behind them and the possible reasons for the malfunctioning.

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Common Panasonic washing machine error codes

Panasonic washing machines offer an AutoCare wash programme, which uses integrated clever sensors to detect the load weight, fabric types and dirt level to adjust the settings of a cycle. At the same time, the machine can detect any faults in its components. Unusual noises, repeatedly flashing LED lights, beeping, or a Panasonic washing machine that refuses to spin are all symptoms of appliance failure. If your Panasonic washing machine ceases to work properly, don’t panic right away! Malfunctioning can be caused by several factors and even high-tech appliances are at risk of failure. Also, whether there has been a power issue, no water supply, improperly closed lid or the machine is not plugged in completely, most problems are usually quick to solve. Be sure, however, that if something goes wrong, a warning buzz will sound and a fault code will be displayed.

Though the Panasonic washing machine error codes can slightly vary from model to model, below we have gathered the most common codes to help you understand why your appliance may be acting up.

  • E01 – Door unlocked.
  • E02 – Water filling issue. Possible inlet valve fault.
  • E03 – Pump failure.
  • E04 – Overflow error. Possible leaking.
  • E05 – NTC or heater error.
  • E06 – Motor failure. Possible open or short circuit or disconnected motor.
  • E08 – Motor triac short circuit.
  • E10 – Electronic pressure sensor issue.
  • H01 – Water level sensor error.
  • H02 – Motor triac error.
  • H04 – Load relay short circuit error.
  • H05 – Memory circuit of IC issue.
  • H12 – Safety switch connection error.
  • H17 – Thermistor error (for X series).
  • H21 – Overflow error.
  • U11 – Water draining error. Possible drain hose/filter blockage or drain pump failure.
  • U12 – Unclosed lid.
  • U13 – Spin or Air Dry is not possible (washer dryers only).
  • U14 – Water supply error.
  • U99 – Water forcibly drained.
  • U18 – Pump or drain filter found to be unstable.
  • H07 – Tacho generator signal from irregular or out of range motor.
  • H09 – Communication error between power and display electronic cards.
  • H18 – Motor thermistor sensor detected irregular signal or out of range. Check motor connections.
  • H23 – Heater relay on main control PCB detected abnormal or out of range. Probably an issue with the electronic controller.
  • H25 – Motor error. Possible main motor wiring problem.
  • H27 – The washing machine door lock cannot engage with the latch in place.
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  • Panasonic washing machines have sensors, which can detect an issue and report it by displaying an error code. 
  • Codes are not conclusive of a specific cause but rather point out the component that is failing. 
  • The most common Panasonic fault codes indicate a leak or an issue with the drain, water filling, or door lock.
  • If you think that the problem is a complex one and you don’t know how to fix it, contact a specialised technician.


Have you experienced a fault code with your washing machine? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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