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How Much Do Plumbers Charge in the UK (2024 Plumbing Cost Guide)

Water is essential to every modern home and whenever we experience problems with it, we always need the aid of a plumber. Plumbing services aren’t cheap, but they’re well worth it in the long run, as they can save you a lot of money in property damage and water expenses. That’s why it’s good to have a basic idea of prices for different plumbing jobs and why little leaks might end up costing more than anticipated.

So, if:

  • Your plumber only stayed 10 to 15 minutes, but charged as if he stayed longer;
  • He didn’t seem to do much, even though he managed to fix the problem;
  • You wonder whether you can fix the problem yourself next time,

In this post, we’ll cover how much it might cost to complete typical plumbing works – from changing a tap to fixing a leak – to help you plan your budget ahead of calling out a qualified plumber and keep the project running smoothly.

Let’s dive into the plumbing price guide!

When should I hire a plumber?

Generally, plumbers work on everything related to the water flow of your home. That includes fixing burst pipes, replacing tanks and fittings. Whenever you encounter a water-based problem, no matter how big or small, that’s when you need this kind of specialist.

Some very common situations which you might have already encountered include:

  • Leaking pipes or taps
  • Low water pressure in the bathroom and kitchen
  • A clogged toilet or siphon
  • Constantly dripping traps
  • Toilet installation

Plumbers fix leaks, repair water heaters, unblock clogged pipes, and install sump pumps, among many other tasks. See what plumbing work Fantastic Services can help you with.

How much do plumbers charge per hour?

This price varies depending on numerous factors. Usually, Fantastic Services would charge you £98 for the first hour. The minimum time for each appointment is 1 hour. After that, you are charged on a half-hour basis, meaning £46 for each following half-hour. It also depends on when your appointment is set up. Time slots from 18:00 to 22:00 are slightly more expensive than 8:00 to 18:00.

At this point, you might be wondering “are plumbers more expensive on weekends?”. The answer is, yes, appointments on weekends can cost a bit more, as well.

Basically, a lot of factors can influence how much your plumbing service is going to cost. Some of them are:

  • Where you live within the M25 area
  • Whether you have parking space available
  • The time of day and whether it’s the weekend
  • The type of replacement parts required for the job
  • The nature of the actual job

In a nutshell, the final price will be calculated based on time, labour, materials, and VAT.

How much do plumbers charge per day?

Right now, you might want to complete several small, straightforward jobs, such as leak repairs, appliance installations, or sanitaryware installation. Or, it could be a more extensive plumbing project on your hands, which would take you a whole day to complete. 

If one of these happens, you could get a plumber to do them for a day rate. The plumbers’ daily rates can fluctuate, but they would likely be cheaper than hiring a professional hour by hour.

For instance, the plumbing day rate of Fantastic Services is £528. Weekend, bank holiday call-outs are subject to an individual offer. 

How much does a plumber cost?

When you check out our plumbers’ price list, keep in mind that the numbers are not final. Instead, they will give you a better idea of how much each service would cost and how long it would likely take. The final price will be calculated when you contact us via phone or booking form.

The below plumbing hourly rates are for just the cost of labour. The professionals travel with vans fully-stocked with equipment and basic materials needed to complete the job, such as standard washers, silicone, screws, etc. For specific replacement parts or materials, you can get advice from the pro or ask him to pick them for you, if needed.

Typical jobPlumbing labour priceTime to do the job
Repair leak from a waste pipe or trap£981h
Repair leak from a tap or exposed shower mixer£981h
Repair leak from a burst pipe£1441h+
Fix a leaking pipe£1441h+

Repair a leaking toilet
Installing isolating valves, stopcocks or ball valves£981h
Change taps or mixer taps
Replace or install taps or mixer tap on basin£981h
Replace a tap washer£981h
Fitting toilet flush mechanism – close coupled toilet£981h
Replace sink waste£981h
Replace a concealed shower valve cartridge£144
Replace sink/basin trap£981h
Replace a sink (depending on whether it is a new, like-for-like replacement or a totally different model)£98-£1441h+
Replace a toilet (depending on whether it is a new, like-for-like replacement or a totally different model)£3712h+
Fitting a concealed toilet cistern£1921h+
Kitchen sink£1441h+
External drain£1441h+
Shower tray£1441h+
Waste disposal unit£1441h+
Integrated/built-in dishwasher£1441h+
Integrated/built-in washing machine£1441h+
Freestanding dishwasher£981h
Members of our Fantastic Club get preferential booking slots and rates
*You qualify for low-cost plumbing service, priority booking options, on-time arrival tracking, seasonal deals, and coupon codes for any plumbing work you book with us. Contract us today. Learn more about Fantastic Club.

How much do plumbers charge for emergency calls? 

Does the emergency plumber call out charges differ from the regular ones?”, we hear your voice.

Truth is, emergency plumbing costs in the UK can vary massively from company to company. Most often, expect to pay up to 2-3 times the regular plumber hourly rate or a call-out fee, at the least. 

At Fantastic Services, the professional plumbers might be called out any time of the day, depending on their availability. Whether it’s a leaking tap, overflowing toilet or a drainage issue, the experts should be able to give the same level of service and price as for a standard plumbing repair or installation. That’s because the plumbing teams, we work with, are local and constantly on the move.

So, all you have to do is to check the availability through the online booking form, book an appointment in less than 30 seconds, and your specialist will come to your door as soon as possible.

What is fair: hourly rates or fixed price for plumbing?

If only plumbing works pricing was as simple as pointing a flat sum for all different types of plumbing repairs and installations. But as mentioned, the type, location, and duration of the project are major price determinants. Plus, whether you are charged by the hour or with a flat rate could make a big difference in your total plumbing costs.

To help you budget with savings in mind, it’s worth noting: 

  • “Pay me by the hour, not by the job” quote comes with the benefit that you pay only for what the job takes time-wise. With half-hourly rates, you avoid the risk of being overcharged for quick and typically inexpensive plumbing issues,
  • Flat rate pricing for plumbing is often more favourable when dealing with complex plumbing projects, such as a complete bathroom or kitchen renovation. You pay a predetermined fixed price before the go-ahead, regardless of how long the job takes. 

Professional and reasonably-priced plumbing services by Fantastic Services

Well, we left the “best” for last. We, at Fantastic Services, greatly value your trust. That’s why we promise to bring you peace of mind with personalised and professional plumbing services at competitive hourly rates, day rates, and fixed prices.

You can book a plumber 24/7 and take advantage of same-day and emergency appointments. The local plumbers we work with are fully insured and always ready to aid you.

Need plumbing services for your property?

Let the skilled plumbers from Fantastic Services help you at an affordable and transparent price:

Add a valid postcode e.g. SE1 2TH


  • Do not postpone taking care of problems with your water flow.
  • Quality plumbing services are not cheap, but are well worth it.
  • The final price you pay depends on how long it takes, where you live, and what kind of materials the job requires.

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