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How Much Does Professional Mattress Cleaning Cost On Average in UK?

Given the fact that we spend about a third of our lifespan (or 229,961 hours) sleeping in our beds, it is surprising how rarely we think about actually cleaning our mattresses.

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So, if you:

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Then this article will answer your questions!

As it turns out, however, the condition of these plushy bed additions can significantly affect the quality of our sleep as more bacteria, dead skin flakes, sweat, and other contaminants build up. Past a certain point, your only option to restore the freshness of your mattress will be to hire a certified expert.

But how much does professional mattress cleaning actually cost?

We have all the information you need below. But first, let us explain what are the pricing factors of mattress cleaning, to begin with.

How are mattress cleaning prices formed?

To the uninitiated, bed cleaning can seem straightforward. However, the final quote that the professionals will end up giving you is the result of many factors and considerations, namely:

  • Mattress size. The size of your mattress alone can have a big impact on your final quote. For example, you can expect to pay a much more affordable price for single and double mattress treatments than those of queen- and king-sized models.
  • Cleaning methods. Based on the materials from which your mattress is made, your certified specialist will either perform a hot water extraction cleaning or a dry cleaning.
  • Comprehensiveness. Depending on your budget, you can choose to clean just the top mattress side or opt for the more labour-intensive and expensive double-side treatment.
  • Stain type. Some stains are easier to clean than others. For instance, Fantastic Services will charge less to handle common food and beverage stains (coffee, fruit, red wine, chocolate, etc.), and a bit more to remove urine, vomit and other tougher stains.
  • Day of appointment. Some companies will bump up the cost of your service if you book a service on a short notice (same-day, next-day), for weekends, or for official holidays.
  • Extra services. Depending on your needs and for an additional cost, some professional cleaning providers can also carry out bed bug and other insect treatments, as well as treatments with either odour removal or stain protection sprays.

With Fantastic Services, you can find out what is the price for your mattress cleaning service at any time without spending a dime. Simply share as much information about your mattress as possible and pick a suitable day for an appointment to receive a free, personalised quote.

What is the average cost for professional mattress cleaning?

We offer the following mattress cleaning rates: £26 for hot water extraction (steam) cleaning, of any type of mattress (single, double, king size), including free stain protection; £36 for dry cleaning of any type of mattress. Feel free to check out the full mattress cleaning price list of all treatments that are currently being offered:

Mattress cleaning price list

SizeHot Water Extraction + Stain ProtectionDry Cleaning

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Mattress cleaning methods and how they work

Most companies, Fantastic Services included, use two highly effective techniques to remove almost any type of stain from a mattress, called hot water extraction (HWE) and dry cleaning (using powder or foam).

The HWE mattress cleaning method (Steam cleaning)

The hot water extraction approach is great for removing stains of almost any origin, including sweat, coffee, wine, fruit, chocolate, and more. To perform a steam cleaning, the specialist will first inspect your mattress to determine the type of stain and pretreat it with a suitable detergent.

They will then use a professional machine to inject a mixture of hot water and detergents within your mattress. The liquid will then be extracted back along with all the dirt. This highly efficient method can be applied to almost any type of mattress on the market, including on:

  • Flexible polyurethane, visco-elastic, or latex foam mattresses;
  • Polyester, cotton, or wool fibre mattresses;
  • Nonwoven fibre pad mattresses and mattress toppers.

How much does it cost to steam clean your mattress?

It will cost you £26 for all sides and for any type of mattress, including stain protection.

The dry powder mattress cleaning method

The dry cleaning technique is great for refreshing your mattress, but stain-wise dry cleaning is not as effective as HWE. The technician will spread dry powder over the mattress and use a machine with attached tiny brushes to distribute it evenly over the surface. Then, using a powerful hoover, the powder is extracted along with all the grime, dust and other debris, leaving your mattress sanitised and smelling fresh.

The dry foam mattress cleaning method

The dry foam treatment is a safe and effective solution for cleaning different types of mattresses and upholsteries. First, the foam is carefully applied on the mattress. It takes about 10 minutes for the foam to harden. Then the crystalised foam is extracted using a powerful vacuum machine. It takes up to 1 hour for the mattress to dry out.

How much does it cost to have your mattress dry cleaned?

It will cost you £36 for all sides and for any type of mattress.

Some extra services and how they work

UV treatment

This method is suitable for more delicate mattresses that lack water resistance since the process does not involve the use of any liquids or chemicals. Instead, the certified technician will use a handheld machine that emits high intensity ultraviolet light.

The light will cause all dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores, mould, and other harmful organisms on your mattress to perish, leaving it allergen- and odour-free. The treatment has a 72-hour protective effect and you will be able to use your mattress immediately after the service.

Bed bug control

Sometimes, these tiny, transparent insects can be brought back home from a hotel or a garage sale item. And once inside your mattress, these pests are incredibly difficult to remove due to their excellent resistance against most products on the market.

At Fantastic Services, pest control professionals will treat all cracks and crevices of the infested bed in two separate sessions and with two different products to ensure complete bed bug extermination.

Scotchgard stain protection

Upon your request, most companies can apply a protective spray to your mattress to keep it fresh for longer. At Fantastic Services, the product we use is called Scotchgard and it will usually take your mattress about 4 to 5 hours to dry out on its own after the treatment. The best part – the stain protection we provide you with is included for free in our hot water extraction treatment.

Reasons to keep your mattress fresh

One of the key reasons you should refresh your mattress is to battle unpleasant smells that are often caused by the release of sweat and other bodily fluids, as well as by accidental food and beverage spills. In fact, these smells probably disrupted your good night’s sleep more times than you can count!

Here are even more reasons why regular bed cleaning is important:

  • A clean mattress is a dust mite-free mattress. Many studies suggest that, on average, a bed contains about 10,000 dust mites which mainly feed on your dead skin cells. Maintaining your mattress clean will keep these buggers and their feces away, preventing allergic reactions, such as eczema or asthma.
  • You prevent bacterial and mould growth. A mouldy and bacteria-ridden mattress may look good on the outside, but it will smell bad and will also be bad for your health – a problem which you can easily fix by refreshing your mattress on a regular basis.
  • You prolong the lifespan of your mattress. While you cannot stop the aging process completely, by maintaining your mattress in top condition you will give it a chance to serve you well way past its expected life span.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I clean my mattress?

While there is no “golden standard” for you to follow, you should try to squeeze in some mattress cleaning action at least once every half a year to maintain it in top-notch shape. You can also periodically rotate your mattress to delay its inevitable cleaning for just a tiny bit longer.

Can you give me some post-service maintenance advice?

Sure thing! For starters, make it a habit of vacuuming your mattress at least once every week to remove fallen hair, skin flakes, and other organic debris. You should also blot any new stains as soon as they appear and treat them with a mixture of water and laundry detergent.

How quickly will my mattress dry out after a hot water extraction treatment?

This will usually take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the air flow and the temperature inside the room. If you book a treatment with Fantastic Services, your technician will significantly speed up the drying process for free by placing an air mover inside the room.

How can I find out which cleaning method is most suitable for my mattress?

This is not really necessary since your technician will use the appropriate cleaning technique immediately after the inspection. Still, if you want to know what each cleaning code means for personal reference, here is a quick guide: “S” means solvents only; “X” means vacuum or brushing only; “W” means using water is safe; “WS” means mild detergent or dry foam only.

What if a mattress isn’t cleaned correctly?

A mattress that is cleaned improperly can lead to a permanent and irreversible damage of the fibres. That’s why it’s best if you resort to a professional cleaning service. Trusting a specialist to treat your mattress will save you money in the long term and will get you better results than if you use any store-bought cleaning product or homemade remedy out there.

Remember that you can always contact us for free mattress steam cleaning and dry mattress cleaning cost estimates, as well as for personalised advice on which of the two services to book.

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  • The price of mattress cleaning depends on multiple factors, such as size, material, method, etc.
  • The most commonly used methods are hot water extraction and dry cleaning.
  • Hot water extraction can be performed on almost any type of mattress.
  • Most companies offer stain protection as well.
  • Cleaning your mattress helps protect you from dust mites and bacteria, and prolongs its life.
  • You should try to clean your mattress at least twice a year.


Now you know how much it costs you to have your mattress deep cleaned. If you have any questions or want to share a story, please use our comment section and let us know!

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