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Quick Tips on Gardening During the Heatwave in the UK

The unforgiving sun rays can easily destroy our lovely plants during a summer heatwave. So we spoke to Kristoffer Sindby Larsen who is a horticulturist, sustainable gardening advisor and an avid treehugger here at Fantastic Services to find out if there is anything that we can do to save the precious vegetation.

So here are a few simple tips from Kristoffer on how to save our plants from the scorching heatwave.

#1. Let your lawn grow longer before a heatwave.

If you know that a heatwave is coming, simply let your lawn grow a little bit longer. So skip at least two lawn mowing sessions. This way, when the heatwave comes, only the top portion of the grass will be exposed to the sun while the lower layers will be protected.

#2. Be careful with watering.

Watering too little is actually a bad idea. This will actually make your lawn weaker. If you have to water it, make sure to use a lot of water. Do it early in the morning and after sunset.

#3. Rake, rake, rake!

If some of your lawn dies, make sure to rake it before you seed it again. Most of the time the unwanted weak grass is dying and it will give way to the new healthy blades.

#4. Relocate your indoor plants.

In case you keep your indoor plants next to a window or an area that is exposed to direct sunlight, then consider moving them under the shade for a while. This will protect them. If you’re interested in plants transplanting, check out this guide!

#5. Veggies love the shade, too.

Cover your vegetable garden for most of the day. You can leave it exposed for a couple of hours early in the morning and a couple of hours before sunset. This way your vegetable garden will still receive some sunlight but it won’t be destroyed by the concentrated solar radiation that falls directly from above during the middle of the day.

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