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What You Need to Know When Renting a Storage Unit

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In today’s fast-paced modern world, storage units are a great convenience both for regular people as well as business owners. But it can get a tad overwhelming if you’ve never rented a storage unit before. Worry not, though, there are many things to know, but this guide will provide you with all the answers. By the end, renting a storage unit will be like second nature to you. So if:

  • This is your first time renting a storage unit.
  • You want to know the basics and what to look for.
  • Wonder how long you can keep your belongings in storage.

Then read along…

How do storage units work?

Storage spaces are, simply put, facilities where you leave your items when you are either moving or remodelling your home. Sometimes businesses have excess production and just need the extra room to store it all.

The important thing to know is you can choose between two main kinds of storage services:

Full-service storage (all-inclusive storage)

You choose the pickup and return date, while the company movers do the rest. They come to your property, load all your belongings, and transport them to the storage unit. They also keep an inventory list of everything that’s been transported and left in storage. This saves you a lot of time and hassle, but it does cost more.


With self-storage, here you are the one doing all the loading and transporting of your items. You are also responsible for keeping your own inventory. You can retrieve any item you like at any time. The price of self-storage is also lower making it preferable for families on a tight budget or people who have only a handful of stuff.

As far as sizes go, there is a variety to choose from. Most companies offer storage units within the following range 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’ 10’x15’ and so on. Whichever size unit you choose, however, it’s important to avoid storing flammable, combustible, perishable, dangerous or illegal items inside. Plants and animals are also out of the question.

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Benefits of renting a storage unit

With all said so far, you can definitely see why people would choose to pay for storage as opposed to keeping everything at home. When you choose to rent a storage unit, you also get:

  • Protection from the elements – storage is a way better alternative to leaving your items in your attic, basement, garden shed or, heaven forbid, outside in the back garden. No dampness or temperature extremes will destroy your items as long as they’re stored.
  • Extra security from theft – storage spaces have secure locks, CCTV and security around the clock and are situated in buildings with secure access. Plus, you also have insurance. So, you can sleep safe and sound knowing no harm will come to your items. After all, that’s what you’re paying for.
  • Cost-effectiveness – if you have to move a lot it could be cheaper to keep your items in storage than to constantly have to move everything around with you.

What’s the cost of renting a storage unit?

In London renting a 50-square-foot storage unit costs around £25-£30 for one week, £100 for one month and £1,200 for one year. However, you should take those numbers with a huge grain of salt as prices depend on different factors:

  • Location – like with everything else, being closer to the centre of the city means the storage unit price will be higher. After all, real estate is much more expensive in the centre of any city compared to the outskirts. The population is also larger, meaning demand is higher and hence the prices.
  • Accessibility – you may need 24/7 accessibility to your items, or you might leave them there and forget all about them. In any case, having the option to take whatever you like whenever you feel like it will cost more.
  • Storage unit size – naturally the more room you will need, the higher the price will get, but that in itself might become an incentive to get rid of old junk you haven’t used in ages.
  • Price per rental time – many storage providers offer discounts for the first several weeks, while others may offer long-term discounts. It’s worth checking out such options.
  • Type of storage – you already know self-storage is more affordable compared to all-inclusive, but it does require you to waste more time on transportation.

All in all, the question “how much does renting a storage unit cost?” has no definitive answer because the price will always fluctuate between these factors. The last three are the most important ones which will carry the most weight when the final price is calculated.

Check out our storage service prices, benefits and booking process here.

Where can you rent storage?

Nowadays, thanks to search engines and directories, it’s easier than ever to find storage services according to your needs. Online bookings are all the rage and the benefits are substantial:

  • It saves time – you don’t have to go to the space to inspect it, you don’t even have to call or wait for opening hours. Most company websites have online booking forms, so once you fill that with all your information you’re set.
  • You have options – in the online booking form you can see all the different unit sizes and availability for each one.
  • You pay online – you don’t have to meet with somebody somewhere to pay them, instead all of that is done whilst booking your storage space online.

How to rent a storage unit

Renting storage space is easy and you don’t need a handful of documents either. All you need is your ID, driver’s license or passport. Either one of these will do. Afterwards…

  • Search for a rental storage unit near you – You will get numerous sites and directories initially, that’s why you need to add “near me” in your search. For example type “where can I rent a storage unit near me” and then the search engine will pinpoint the nearest to your location.
  • Chose several companies and compare conditions – Keeping your budget in mind, chose the best options possible in terms of unit size and stay period. If you get a special deal for a first-time client, even better.
  • Fill out your online booking form – you will need to give your name, address, credit card details, check-in and check-out dates.

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How long can you rent storage?

You can rent the storage space of your choosing for as long as you like; you don’t have an end date. Companies have a minimum period, though, so keep an eye out for that. Sometimes it can be one month, sometimes three.

Frequently asked questions about storage rental

By now you should be familiar with the process of renting storage units. Still, some extra questions often arise and you can find them along with their answers here:

Can you buy a storage unit instead of renting one?

Yes. If you buy a storage unit you will always have that extra space, but you will likely fill it up with stuff and then need more extra space. If your business requires you have extra space often, then it might be a good investment. If, however, you only need extra space once it a while, you’re better of renting.

Can you live in a storage unit?

No, you cannon live in your storage unit because it lacks ventilation, hot and cold water supply, natural light, drainage and sanitary facilities. These condition are deemed uninhabitable by the The Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018 and other similar laws.

Can you rent a storage unit for someone else?

No, only one person is allowed to sign a tenancy agreement. It’s much easier to deal with one person, especially if payments are late. There is also another instance, for example, a couple. If the couple has signed the agreement but split up, who takes ownership of all the items in the unit? Furthermore, who pays the rent? And that’s why you can’t rent storage for somebody else.

Can you rent a storage unit just for a day?

Probably not. The minimum with most companies is a week. Even if you could rent for a day, the price would probably be so high, that it won’t be worth it.


  • You can choose either self-storage or all-inclusive storage
  • Storage prices depend on many factors such as unit size, length of stay, storage type and location
  • You can make all your arrangements online
  • The minimum you can rent storage space for is one week, but you will likely get a better discount if you rent for longer.
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