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Emergency services 24/7 by Fantastic Services

The past couple of months have been extremely hard for everybody. But hard times teach us lessons about life that we tend to remember. And one of the things that we had to re-learn the hard way is that timing is important in all walks of life. Especially when it comes to crises and emergencies.

That is why recently we have been working on our ability to respond as quickly as possible when you are in need of some ASAP professional assistance by a capable and fully equipped expert. And we are happy to announce the official launch of our…

Emergency services for your home and workplace

So, what exactly falls in the category of emergency services? We are glad that you asked! These services have received higher priority, even during the COVID-19 outbreak, and we have worked very hard to make them more easily accessible and available to the public.

Here is the range of emergency services that now you can book from Fantastic Services.
They are all provided by fully equipped professionals who follow government safety COVID-19 guidelines and wear personal protective equipment.

Emergency Plumbing and Drainage Service

Oh, no! Your toilet tank refill mechanism is not working, your toilet won’t flush, something is leaking and flooding the area. These domestic disasters happen every now and then. And it can sure seem like it is the end of the world. 

But plumbers are ready to help. And we are ready to send the right plumber your way to fix whatever needs fixing. And while they are not Luigi and Mario, they sure know what they are doing.

Emergency Electricians

So maybe your lights aren’t working properly or maybe there is something wrong with your sockets. Or maybe you have no idea exactly what is wrong and you need an ASAP electrical fault finding. 

Well, electricity is no joke.  So we will send a very serious electrician to figure out is exactly what is wrong and solve your problem. NO JOKES AND FUN ALLOWED until you can safely plug in your phone to charge again!

Did an emergency happen? We've got you covered.

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Emergency Gas and Heating Service

You know the end times are nigh when your boiler won’t heat up the water and you can’t take a proper shower. Well, you can still take a teeth-chattering cold shower. Maybe after a few Wim Hof Iceman video tutorials on cold resistance. 

Or maybe you really want to replicate a recipe you saw on Binging with Babish but your has hob has given up. No worries, just keep calm and book an emergency gas and heating service.

Emergency Appliance Repair

We are nothing without our trusty household appliances. They are like little happy helper robots who do things for us so we can scroll our phones more often and binge watch Netflix series. We love the dishwasher, the oven, the fridge, and the washing machine. But every now and then, they get sick, too. So when your trusty appliances are in need of a fixing appliance doctor, just book an emergency appliance repair and you will have your trusty domestic robot-friends examined and fixed.

But wait, what if your trusty washing machine is ten centuries old, starts jumping like a raging rodeo bull every time you turn it on, and leaks on top of it all? Well, then it is time TO SEND THE OLD PIECE OF JUNK TO THE LANDFILL, THAT’S WHAT!!! Book an emergency appliance replacement service and we will make sure that you’ll never see that ungrateful piece of scrap metal again.

Emergency Pest Control

What was that suspicious scratching noise that you kind of heard or maybe didn’t before you went to sleep last night. It was probably nothing. Or was it? What if it was a happy little mouse that was looking for a way to get in your kitchen? We would just LOVE TO MEET IT. Oh, we can’t wait to get to know each other. 

So, please, if you are experiencing nighttime rodent visitations or if you are dealing with some kind of pesky domestic insect infestation, please let us know. We would be thrilled to show your pest invaders the latest innovations in pest control.

Fantastic Services is here for you 24/7

Whatever happened, no matter how bad it might look, we’ve got you covered. The expert technicians are always at your disposal, ready to help you. Just call on 033 0320 1538 and ask for one of our emergency services. To learn more about these services and how we can aid you, visit this page.

COVID-19 NOTE: PROTECT THE CLINICALLY VULNERABLE! According to government guidelines, some people are more susceptible to COVID-19 than others. Please let us know if you or anyone in your household has received a doctor’s notice for extra caution before you book an emergency service from Fantastic Services so we could take extra safety measures.

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