CEO Rune Sovndahl Guest Starring on Excellence Expected

Rune Sovndahl on Excellence Expected

Our CEO and co-founder, Rune Sovndahl, was invited this week to Excellence Expected’s well respected podcast. The topic of discussion was staff motivation, a subject which happens to have been at the core of Fantastic Services from its inception.

During a relaxed interview with Mark Asquith, Rune explained Fantastic Services’ concept of a 360-degree happiness principle, where all parties concerned are treated as partners. To quote Rune, “Motivation is…whether you are a cleaner or whether you are a professional at the height of your game, what do you want out of your employer, or the people you work with? You want a partnership, and you want to grow it.”

Promoting the idea that staff are just as important as customers, creating a flat hierarchy, as opposed to a traditional corporate model. Realising that happiness comes from within, and that those within the service industry enjoy what they do be they builders, gardeners or handymen. Fantastic Services’ business model allows its professionals to get on with what they are good at without the stresses of growing a small business. Not many gardeners enjoy doing their accounts or dealing with multiple employees!

Rune accepts that cleaning is not top of the list when it comes to job satisfaction, so to keep staff happy and motivated Fantastic Services provides many training courses for staff to enhance their situations, both vocational and educational. By treating all staff as professionals and knowing happiness is key to productivity, Fantastic Services have been able to attract and keep an impressive amount of staff. With a very large percentage of new staff being referrals from existing ones, the statistics impressed Mark considerably.

Rune had three actionable tips for keeping staff motivated and moving forward:

  1. Build a top-quality training program, and visualise its path.

2. Promote excellent service through core values. Define the service and user experience.

3. Hire people with passion. What are they passionate about, and what do they want to change?

Fantastic Services really appreciated the opportunity to get our message out there, and know that this is only the beginning. As a company we will continue to build on our core values, and add more and more services to the list we provide.

You can listen to the whole podcast with Rune Sovndahl’s interview here.

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Last update: August 28, 2018

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