Fantastic Services CEO Rune Sovndahl on London Live’s “Place Invaders”

Our Fantastic CEO, Rune Sovndahl, recently made an appearance on London Live’s “Place Invaders” show. He was there to inform viewers about the importance of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, and how our good work will guarantee the return of your deposits. Filmed on location at an end of tenancy clean, with a team of our experienced technicians, he pointed out the most typical places that landlords pick on for a closer inspection.

Giving the place a once over with his critical eye, he spotted all the usual suspects: the tops of pictures frames, inside the dishwasher, on the top of cupboards and lots of other places that often get missed. And then there was the dreaded cooker! No grown-up enjoys cleaning the cooker, but if you want to impress your landlord, you have to make sure the oven looks like it’s never been used. The same for the bathroom, which will often be home to limescale, and this can be a very difficult problem to deal with. Unfortunately, many tenants try to remedy some of their mishaps in and around the home by using products bought over the counter. Our advice it to use the latest technology when performing an end of tenancy clean. For example, if you clean with us, our cleaning service and products are far superior to anything you buy at the supermarket, meaning we’ll get the job done right first time around.

Rushing round with a duster, and running the vacuum quickly round the property, is not the way that we do business. We understand that this just won’t cut the mustard for an end of tenancy inspection. A detailed and thorough clean is what you need and what we offer. And the bonus part? All of this comes with the guaranteed safe return of your deposit.

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Last update: August 28, 2018

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