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Common Siemens Appliance Error Codes

Siemens is a German leading electronic appliances company, best known for its innovation and efficiency. Siemens appliances showcase high quality and performance, yet this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are immune to malfunctioning. Even the best machines can experience problems. Still, that is not a reason for panic because, in the event of an issue, your appliance will send you a message about what is wrong in the form of an error code. In truth, Siemens error codes can be confusing if you don’t know what they mean, but the good news is that once you understand the message behind them, you will be a step closer to eliminating the problem. Depending on the fault, your skills and the tools available, you can choose to try to fix the malfunction yourself or, to stay on the safe side, to book a reliable Siemens appliance repair.

So, if you:

  • Have a malfunctioning Siemens appliance but you don’t see a problem;
  • Want to know what does the Siemens error code displayed on your appliance mean;
  • Want to learn more about Siemens appliances;

Then, read on! We have prepared lists of the most common Siemens appliance error codes just for you, as well as explanations of what they all mean and what could possibly have caused them.

Common Siemens washing machine error codes

Although Siemens produces a wide range of products, they are particularly popular for their high-quality washing machines. Occasionally, however, issues occur and if one is present, your Siemens washing machine wouldn’t spin, may start to make strange noises, leak water or foam, beep and flash LED light, won’t drain properly or even refuse to start. Fortunately, Siemens washing machines are equipped with self-diagnosis systems that use clever sensors to detect the source of a malfunction. Problems can be either simple and require very straightforward troubleshooting or more complex ones, for which you will need a certified Siemens engineer. In any case, once your washing machine has identified which component is failing, a fault code will appear on the digital display. Siemens washing machine error codes can be a very useful tool to identify what is wrong with your appliance and give you a hint on how to fix the problem.

Now, let’s have a look at the most common Siemens washing machine fault codes and their meanings, so you can understand why your appliance is acting up.

  • E16 / F16 – Door not closed. Laundry caught in the door. If the problem persists after the door is closed, contact a certified technician.
  • E17 / F17 – Water supply time exceeded. Low water pressure or clogged filters.
  • E18 / F18Blocked filter or kinked cold drain hose. 
  • E19 / F19 – Heater issue. Heating time exceeded.
  • E20 / F20 – Unexpected water heating. Turn the machine off and start it again.
  • E23 / F23 – Aquastop activated. Possible leak, the water filling has been stopped.  
  • E25 / F25 – Turbidity sensor faulty. 
  • E26 / F26 – Analogue pressure sensor issue. 
  • F27 – Pressure sensor issue. 
  • E28 / F28 – Water flow sensor issue.

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Common Siemens dishwasher fault codes

Siemens dishwashers, similarly to the washing machines, are equipped with self-diagnosis systems that are set to intervene if a problem is detected. This is to prevent any further harm to the appliance, as well as it serves to warn the owner that an issue is present. If you notice a Siemens fault code showing on the digital screen, know that there is no reason for worrying just yet! First, you should try to understand the Siemens error code you see. You may be able to fix the problem yourself. But even if not, there are certified technicians that can do that for you and make it possible to use your Siemens dishwasher again in no time!

Here are the most common Siemens dishwasher fault codes to help you understand which part of the appliance ceases to work and needs your attention:

  • E01 / E02 – Temperature sensor or thermistor issue.
  • E03 – Dishwasher cannot fill water. Clogged filter, pump issue or inlet valve damage.
  • E04 – Water flow sensor issue.
  • E05 – Dishwasher overflowing.
  • E06 – Aquasensor (turbidity) fault.
  • E09Heater issue. Probable solder joint in the heater relay on the control board.
  • E12 – Limescale build-up in the heating element.
  • E14 – Flow sensor failure. Possible water supply issue.
  • E15 – Water detected in the base.
  • E16 / E17 – Water filling the system or insufficient water level in the dishwasher. Kinked inlet hose or valve.
  • E18 – Water flow issue. Probable supply hose or pump issue.
  • E22Blocked filter.
  • E23 – Drain pump issue.
  • E24 – Dishwasher not draining.
  • E25 – Drain pump blocked, clogged filter or jammed pump impeller.

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  • Siemens appliances are equipped with self-diagnosis systems and clever sensors to detect issues.
  • If a problem is present, the Siemens appliance will show an error code.
  • Each code has a specific meaning and you can use it to understand which is the faulty component of the appliance.
  • The troubleshooting for some fault codes can be straightforward, but others would require a certified engineer.


Did you find our article useful? Let us know about your experience with error codes in the comments below!

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