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A Little Community Spirit Goes a Long Way

The Borough of Merton is home to a great little primary school that goes by the name of Singlegate Primary School. Part of a joint federation with William Morris Primary they form the grounding for their communities growth.Our society’s future depends on the education of the next generation, and that education is a responsibility for us all to take seriously. Singlegate Primary is a shining example to us all, they do an excellent job of inspiring their young charges to learn. The weekly schedule of activities at the school are just astounding. All this takes a lot of dedication from staff and parents alike.

That said, budgets are tight, and help is always needed and appreciated. So when we got a call with a request for help, who are we to say no. A parent had donated a new shed to the school and they needed some help erecting it. We sent along two of our professional handymen and had it put up in no time. It wasn’t a big thing for us, but now the school puts the shed to great use and were extremely grateful for the help.

So people, it really does pay to put a little time into your community. We can together rebuild the sense of belonging and caring that was a common part of everyday life in years gone by. There are community projects that need your help. It doesn’t have to cost you anything except a little time. And we can assure you the feel good factor is a great boon to the soul.

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