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Common SMEG Appliance Error Codes

A high-quality Italian home appliance supplier with a reputable 60-year history, having a SMEG appliance in your home offers a luxurious addition to your kitchen with a rich variety of functionalities. Whether you have a dishwasher, a washing machine or a SMEG oven, there are times, however, when your appliance will not work up to scratch. You’ll see the appearance of some SMEG error codes, which could require a professional repair service in order to fix. To find out what types of faults these codes represent, take a look at our handy guide below.

This article is for you if:

  • Have SMEG dishwasher, oven or washing machine
  • Your appliance is showing an error code
  • Want to know how to fix an issue with your SMEG appliance

Common SMEG dishwasher error codes

Ever since dishwashers were created, they’ve brought ease and convenience to many households. However, just like any piece of equipment or technology, they can also experience some faults and either not work optimally or stop functioning altogether. When you see SMEG dishwasher error codes, the chances are that your cutlery and crockery are not going to be as sparkling clean as you’d like them to be because of some internal or external fault in the dishwasher. 

Since most brands offer different functionalities, buttons and displays, it’s crucial that you first identify your model and check the corresponding user manual. 

While the codes below apply to integrated SMEG dishwashers with a display, LED display SMEG dishwashers and those dishwashers with a 3-button LCD display, knowing which SMEG dishwasher fault codes to look out for is important. It’s also important to take a look at the user manual before you proceed, as this will have the most up-to-date information about the error in question and will be directly applicable to your particular model.

The codes below are some of the most common ones that can be identified. A SMEG dishwasher error code E1, for example, could mean that the flood protection system is on and that there is a probable leak. Alternatively, and on a different model, this error could mean that an overfill has been detected and that there is a fault with the inlet valve.

Other possible faults you might see are that the dishwasher is not heating properly, there is a water fill issue, the heater is working without water in the dishwasher and others. 

Integrated SMEG dishwashers with display:

  • E2 – Overfill detected. Possible inlet valve issue.
  • E3 – Not heating. Possible heater fault or heater relay fault.
  • E4 – Thermistor fault or bad wiring.
  • E5 – Water fill issue. Kinked hose or inlet valve fault.
  • E6 – Heater is working with no water in the dishwasher.
  • E7 – Draining issue. Clogged filter or blocked drain pump.
  • E9 – Pause in test mode. – Not an error.

LED display SMEG dishwashers:

  • E1 / 1st flashing, 5th lit – Flood protection system is on. Probable leak.
  • E2 / 2nd flashing, 5th lit – Safety pressure switch activated.
  • E3 / 1st, 2nd flashing, 5th lit – Not heating.
  • E4 / 3rd flashing, 5th lit – Temperature sensor error.
  • E5 / 1st, 3rd flashing, 5th lit – Water filling issue.
  • E6 / 2nd, 3rd flashing, 5th lit – Draining issue.
  • E7 / 1st, 2nd, 3rd flashing – Flowmeter detected when not fitted reset required.

Three-button with LCD display SMEG dishwashers:

  • E1 – Overfill detected. Inlet valve fault.
  • E2 – Water level. Not enough water in the machine.
  • E3Heater fault.
  • E4 – Thermostat fault.
  • E5 – Water filling fault.
  • E7 – Draining fault.

For more information on the dishwasher repair services available near you, click bellow.

Common SMEG washing machine error codes

Another SMEG appliance you could have in your home is a washing machine. As with the dishwashers mentioned above, the SMEG washing machines also display fault codes in various circumstances and for different reasons.

The table below shows the most common SMEG washing machine error codes to help you identify the problem in question. 

However, if after identifying the problem, you feel unsure about fixing it yourself, it’s advisable to contact a professional technician, who can attend to the repairs on your washing machine. Or alternatively, the expert can provide you with the original spare parts, which they can install, in order to get your appliance working properly once again.

  • OPEN – Door open.
  • E1 – Aqua-stop activated. Leak detected.
  • E2 – Anti-spilling device.
  • E4 – NTC short circuit or interrupted.
  • E5 – Water filling issue.
  • E6 – Draining issue.
  • E10 – Motor over current.
  • E11 – Motor triac short circuit.
  • E12 – Tachometer fault.
  • E13 – PTC door block.
  • AF:01 – Heating error.
  • AF:02 – Temperature difference detected between the two sensors.
  • AF:04 – Chamber temperature fault.
  • AF:05 – TL1 probe fault.
  • AF:23 – Not enough water.
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Common SMEG oven error codes

SMEG ovens – whether built-in or standalone – can also issue fault codes to indicate that there is a problem with your oven. Although the list below is not exhaustive, it does indicate some of the most common SMEG oven error codes to help you identify the issue in question. Most of these codes represent a wide variety of SMEG ovens and since they are based on SMEG electronics, after taking a look at them, you should get a general idea of what the main problem with your oven is.

  • Err1 – Defective sensor detected.
  • Err2 – Over temperature error.
  • Err3 – Incorrect probe position.
  • Err4 – Door fault.
  • Err5 – Fan oven heating element failure.
  • Err6 – Oven fan motor error.
  • Err7 – Grill heating element failure.
  • Err8 – Tangential cooling fan error.

Professional Appliance Repairs

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If you face any issue with your SMEG appliance but you don’t know how to fix it or you just want to save yourself the stress and the hassle you can book a professional appliance repair service. Our experts will come to your home at a convenient time for you. They will bring everything necessary like tools and parts. Just give them as much information as possible such as the exact model and the error code and the professionals will take care of everything else.


  • SMEG has a reputation for luxurious and quality kitchen appliances.
  • Sometimes, your appliance may not work properly, whether it’s a dishwasher, washing machine or oven.
  • Identifying the problem by using the lists mentioned above is the first step in resolving it.
  • If you do not feel confident about rectifying the problem yourself, it’s advisable to contact a professional service provider to help address the issue.


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