Bed Bugs On a Plane? How to Spot Bed Bugs

bedbugs found in airplane

Recent tabloid coverage of bed bugs being found on a British Airways flight landing in London has prompted some public interest. But how do you spot the signs of bed bug infestation?

When asked, Fantastic Services reached out to help learn more about bed bugs symptoms.

The bed bugs found on the British Airways flight seems to have been an isolated incident. But bed bugs can be found living on everything from your bedding, clothing, and even – now it transpires – plane seats!

Fantastic Services delivers professional pest control services in the UK, the US and Australia. This means our pros are well up-to-date on the latest ways to spot bed bugs and how to deal with them. So when one of‘s staff, Kara Godfrey, needed to know more, we asked Mario Stanchev – one of our experts – to lay out some of the ground rules.

How to spot signs of bed bugs

bed bugs

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There are several bed bugs symptoms that you can easily watch out for, including:

  • Look for their droppings or flecks of blood – little dark red or black spots on a bed sheet or other fabric are likely to be bed bug droppings or blood smears they’ve left behind.
  • Look for eggs and eggshells – these look like tiny bits of skin and are usually found in places where you wouldn’t naturally look.
  • Look in hidden places – bed bugs like to nest in the dark.
  • Look at times of peak activity – for these pests, this is usually 10am-6pm – a solid working day!
  • You spot a live bed bug – this can be difficult as they’re tiny, but they can be seen by the naked eye.

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How to deal with bed bug symptoms

There are several over-the-counter sprays available. But usually, the only way to properly deal with bed bug infestation is through professional fumigation. This is especially the case if you notice symptoms in multiple places throughout your home or in a location with lots of through traffic – such as a plane!

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Last update: August 22, 2018

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