The Starfish and the Spider: Rune on The Entrepreneur Way

Rune Sovndahl on The Entrepreneur Way Podcast

Are you thinking of starting your own career as an entrepreneur?

The Entrepreneur Way is an online portal which shares experiences gained living the entrepreneur way of life, and promotes the skills and mindset needed to do so.

Fantastic Services CEO and co-founder Rune Sovndahl spoke with host Neil Ball about his own entrepreneurial journey, and talked about the things he wishes he’d known when starting out…

The phrase the “Starfish and the Spider” comes from the book The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organisations by Ori Brafman. It’s an interesting read, being broadly a discussion on how to create an organisation which uses both centralised and decentralised models in order to achieve success.

It’s part of the philosophy of Fantastic Services – that individual units are able to make money on their own. And it’s something that Rune’s also found out for himself during his widely varied career.

How Do I Become an Entrepreneur?

Is one of the questions that The Entrepreneur Way as a whole tries to answer. Few entrepreneurs jump straight into a 100% successful starting project. Neither Rune nor site host Neil Ball are exceptions to this.

On The Way Neil describes his time starting out, attempting to sell everything from water filters to spy holes before he finally made his breakthrough.

Rune talks about taking the plunge from a successful career working for someone else into the first project he thought would succeed working for himself… and then inadvertently finding himself sleeping on a friend’s sofa seven months later.

The Fantastic Services CEO discusses his key belief that you should use your experience to shape your vision for success – and the importance of being able to accept and identify failure, and then move on.

It’s a lesson that will stand soon-to-be entrepreneurs in good stead on every level, from overall business enterprises to individual processes and which marketing channels to use.

How to Be An Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Way is a great resource for the budding entrepreneur, meaning it’s a fantastic place to visit for those just starting out on their career – as well as those who need a fresh perspective when directing their own journey.

You can hear the podcast in full over at The Entrepreneur Way.

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Last update: August 27, 2018

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