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Storage Unit Sizes: What Size Storage Unit Do You Need

As time passes and the longer we live in the same house, the more belongings we acquire. There comes a time when you might not have enough space in your own home to keep the extra stuff. Whether it is time for home renovation, or you simply want to find a temporary place for your belongings, it is always a good idea to get some extra space – and renting a storage unit can be a good solution. 

But how do you decide which storage unit size is best for you? Visualising a pile of boxes in a storage unit might seem easy enough until you face the actual scale of your stuff. 

So, if you:

  • Have found yourself in a scenario where you need additional storage space;
  • Can’t figure out what size of a storage unit you need;
  • Are wondering what storage options are there;

Then keep on reading! In this post, we break down the sizes of storage units in order, so you can decide how much storage space is best for your needs. We will look into detail at the most commonly used storage sizes and help you understand which one might be most suitable for you based on your property’s size.

50 sq. ft storage unit

Suitable for: Studio flat or 1-bedroom apartment

A 50 sq. ft storage unit is about the size of an average garden shed. On average, it can fit up to 100 medium-sized boxes. Our experience shows that this capacity is enough to store items of a single studio flat or a 1-bedroom apartment. It will also be perfect for storing old furniture that is not in use anymore. Additionally, instead of letting your seasonal sports and hobby items clutter somewhere in the attic, you can safely store them away there. 

If you are moving offices, a 50 sq. ft storage space is enough to deposit your office equipment. Such storage will easily fit several desks, cupboards, books, papers, and other business inventory.  

To transfer your belongings into a 50 sq. ft unit, a single Transit van is the perfect size vehicle.

What can fit in a 50 sq. ft storage unit?

  • Queen-size bed with a mattress;
  • Small sofa;
  • TV cabinet with a large TV;
  • Bikes or any other sports gear;
  • Coffee table, dresser, or a large appliance;
  • Floor lamp.

75 sq. ft storage space

Suitable for: 2-bedroom property

If you are looking for storage while searching for your next home-to-be, a 75 sq. feet storage can serve you a great deal until you are ready to relocate your belongings to the new place. Generally, a 75 sq. ft storage container is enough to store the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. A storage size like this can store up to 150 average boxes.

Larger offices can also benefit from a 75 sq. ft storage space. Whether you are relocating offices, or simply want to keep your precious items from piling up in the office, a storage unit can keep your items safe. 

A Transit van will do a great job at transporting your belongings to a 75 sq. feet storage crate, however, you might need to take a couple of runs to fully transfer the items.

What can fit in a 75 sq. ft storage space?

  • 2 large beds together with mattresses;
  • An average-sized living room setting;
  • Full dining table set;
  • A large appliance;
  • Storage boxes.
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100 sq. ft storage

Suitable for: Large 2-bedroom or small 3-bedroom property 

A 100 sq. feet space can be compared in size to a single-car garage or 200 average packing boxes. This storage space is able to fit a large 2-bedroom or a smaller 3-bedroom home. You will have enough space to organise all of your belongings together with large furniture items, appliances, seasonal equipment, and much more.

Additionally, if you need to free up your garage space, but don’t want the belongings to stack up in your living area, then this size is perfect for you.

Similarly, you can use the 100 sq. feet space as an alternative accommodation for your office inventory. The storage facilities are available to the owners at any time, therefore they can be easily accessed if needed. You can be sure that your business archives and important documents are safe and secure with the security controls that unit facilities usually provide. 

This amount of personal items is moved with the help of a Luton van. 

What can fit in a 100 sq. ft storage?

  • 2+ beds with mattresses;
  • A full living room set-up with a large sofa;
  • 1-2 large appliances;
  • Dressers, cupboards;
  • One bulky furniture piece.

150 sq. ft – 200 sq. ft storage

Suitable for: Large 3-bedroom property and bigger

Moving to a large house can be daunting, especially if something is causing a delay and you need to store all of your belongings somewhere until you can completely relocate. A storage unit between 150 and 200 sq. feet will be perfect for a large 3-bedroom house. It will be able to hold even the bulkiest items, including multiple large appliances and hefty furniture. 

A combination of a Luton van and a Transit van will be needed to transport all your belongings to a 150 sq. ft storage space. 

What can fit in a 150 – 200 sq. ft storage units?

  • Several beds with mattresses;
  • Complete living room set-up, including a sofa;
  • Wardrobes, chest of drawers;
  • Dining furniture – a large table with a set of six chairs.
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How to figure out what size storage unit you need?

Understanding how much storage space you need can be quite tricky. It might seem that there is no place big enough to keep all of your everyday items in. But once you pack everything in boxes, it won’t seem that bad and it will be a bit easier to visualise the capacity that you’ll need. 

However, being able to fit the items isn’t the only thing you need to consider. What if you need to access the storage space on a regular basis? To better understand your needs, think of the following:

Why do I need to rent a storage space?

Ask yourself what are your reasons for getting a storage unit. This might help you to estimate how much storage space you’ll need.

Are you freeing up space for a home renovation and need to store away only some of the belongings? Or maybe you don’t have enough time to sort all of your stuff out before you can fully relocate to a new place? Either way, thinking about the reasons behind renting a storage crate will give you a better idea of how much storage space you might require.

What type of belongings will be kept there?

The logic here is pretty straightforward – larger items require more space. Seasonal items like winter sports gear or winter beddings are stackable, whereas storing a furniture piece might require some space and bulky wrapping for protection. 

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How often will I need to access the storage?

The size of the unit will also depend on how often you need to access your belongings. If you don’t plan to touch the items once the storage is loaded then you can closely pack everything and leave until you unload the unit.

However, if you plan to regularly visit the storage facility, then you might want to invest in a bigger unit to easily move and sort things around.

Are you searching for safe storage space for your personal belongings?

Take advantage of the secured storage facilities by Fantastic Services! The storage spaces are fully equipped with CCTV and surveillance systems, so you can be sure that your belongings are safe and sound. 

The warehouse facility members will put your belongings in 40 square feet storage container. Depending on the size requirements, you can opt for as many containers as you need. If you are not completely sure about how much storage space you’ll need, we can arrange a video survey. 

Upon request, the company can provide you with packing and storage materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and blankets. Our team will always be happy to assist you with full-package removal and storage services. You can quickly and easily book your professional storage services online! 

Searching for a reliable storage facility?

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  • When estimating the size of the storage unit, think through the purpose of the extra space. Ask yourself if you will need regular access to the crates and what items you will be storing there.
  • Items from a studio flat or 1-bedroom apartment might require up to 50 square feet of storage space.
  • An average 2-bedroom apartment requires 75 sq. ft of storage space.
  • A larger property can be packed and stored in a storage unit of 100 sq. feet.
  • On average, properties that are bigger than 3 bedrooms will require storage space of 150 sq. feet or more.


Did you find this article helpful? Do you have more questions? Let us know in the comments.

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