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How to Store Winter Sports Gear

If you want to enjoy your skis, snowboards and boots for many years, you need to know how to store them properly. So here is how to store different types of winter sports equipment the right way.

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How to store skis for the summer

If you are passionate about skiing, you probably know that ski storage wax is always a must. It serves as a protective layer between the ski’s bases and oxygen. If you don’t apply the wax product on to the equipment it could lead to a very slow but certain base-degradation.

After one or two summers without the extra protection, you will start to notice small scratches on your skis and what looks like tiny hairs, which is actually the polyethene base peeling off. Before you apply the wax, clean the skis properly, get rid of the rust, and remove the old wax from the summer before, if there is any. After all of this is done, find a suitable location for the equipment. A place that is too hot and dry will damage the plastic, while a room that is cool and damp will rust the metal along with the binding internals.

Storing skis in a garage, attic, or a basement might sound like a good idea, but it’s not. The perfect location would be a place with a controlled temperature like a closet, a spare room, and even under your bed.

How to store ski bindings

There are two main opinions on how to leave your ski bindings before you store them for the summer. Some people prefer to return them to the lowest setting, believing that this would prolong the life of the bindings. Others think ahead and don’t touch the settings at all, in order to skip resetting them when it’s time to use the skis again. Decide which one is the better option for you and go for it.

No matter which option you choose, you will need to clean the bindings well and make sure that there is no water left trapped somewhere on them, before storing.

You may cover the bindings with a cloth, just for extra protection from any humidity and scratches on chromed elements.

How to store ski poles

Just like all the other ski equipment, a good wipe up and thorough drying of the poles is a must. Keep in mind that humidity will cause rust development, so the best way to go is to tie the poles together and put them away along with the skis. This will also prevent a potential three-hour search right before your holiday.

You can tie the poles to the bindings. That way each pair of skis will go with its pair of poles.

How to store ski boots for the summer

Once you have the skis sorted, it’s time for all the gear that comes with them, starting with the boots. Carefully examine the item to determine whether there is any damage that should be taken cared of. If all is fine, you only have to clean the boots and let them air dry. Place the footwear in a soft cloth bag or even better – the original box, if you still have it.

Throw a couple of humid absorbing balls in each boot before putting them away for the summer. That will keep the inside nice and dry and prevent bacteria development. Especially if you have recently been skiing.

Here is all you need to know about storing boots.

How to store ski goggles

It’s important to remember that when cleaning the ski goggles, touching their lenses is never a good idea. They have a special anti-fog coating which could be easily smeared. In case you have kept the original microfibre cloth, you could use it to gently blot the lens. Most brands also have their own lens cleaning solutions that you can buy. Dry the goggles carefully and put them in a soft cloth bag, a hard case, or the box they came with.

Remember, don’t just wipe your goggles with any cloth, it might damage the lens. Use dedicated detergent as well. Your ordinary spray for glass won’t be a suitable cleaning solution in this case. And if you mess up and ruin the anti-fog coating you shouldn’t worry so much. There is a way to restore it, of course. You can search for a goggle anti-fog spray or liquid, both work well but the spray is easier for application.

Everything you need to know about cleaning goggles and fogging(Video).

You can put your goggles inside your helmet while in storage. That way it will always be where you need it. And it will be well protected by external forces.

Boards and skies take a lot of space when stored, especially accompanied by all the other gear you need alongside them. You might want to consider a storing service for all your winter items.

How to store a snowboard

Just like the skis, snowboards need some care before they are stored away for the next winter season. Here is all you need to properly preserve your snowboard.

How to clean your snowboard prior storage

Even if you are a person who cleans their board after each use, there is probably still some dirt and grime left. Give the snowboard a thorough clean, removing all the mud, salt, and grime. Use only a simple cloth and water. Avoid any detergents, as they might harm the finish or the bindings of your board. Just to be on the safe side, remove the bindings before cleaning and give them a good separate wipe down. When you are done, make sure to dry the snowboard with some paper towels.

Sharpen the edges

By using soft sandpaper, sharpen the edges of the snowboard, while also removing all of the leftover residue and rust spots.

Wax your board to preserve it

If you want your snowboard to live a long and happy life, you need to wax the sports gear before it’s stored away. If you decide to let a professional shop do this, be sure to let them know that the protection is needed for the whole summer.

Waxing the edges will also help to stop the rusting process.

Where to store your board

When you choose a place to store your snowboard for the summer, keep in mind that low or high humidity areas can be equally dangerous. The best place would be somewhere cool and dark, like a wardrobe or under your bed.
Before you put the board away, place it in a plastic zip lock bag, or just wrap it in normal plastic, especially if you are storing it in rented storage, a garage or a basement.
If your snowboard has a design that could fit in well with the rest of your house, use it as a decorative piece. Hang it on a wall somewhere and voila – you got a fancy art installation!

How to store your board

Now it’s time to put the board away for the summer. Once you have chosen the perfect location it’s time to learn how to do it properly.

Store the board standing on its tail. If you place it lying down, there will be too much pressure on the camber and rocker sections, which will cause them to flatten down permanently. This does not apply if your snowboard originally has a flat camber. (The camber is basically the angle of your board, if you look at it from the side you can see the curves it follows.)

If you want to walk the extra mile, place a soft rug under the tail, for double protection, and leave nothing leaning against the snowboard.

How to store ice skates for the summer

Depending on the material of your skates, there are different ways of preparation. Mostly regarding the cleaning process prior to storage.


If they are made of leather, use a special cleaning solution only for this material, and once the skates are cleaned and properly dried, apply a leather conditioning.


If they are textile, clean them well and leave them to dry. You can use a towel soaked in soap and warm water. Do not leave any soap on the blade, it might ruin the polished finish.

Still, regardless of what the material is, always sharpen the skates before you put them away. Choose a place with low humidity, if you don’t want to ruin the blades, and place the boots in a cloth bag where they can breathe.

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Everything needs to be well-cleaned and dried before storage. That is the most important takeaway. If you want to enjoy your costly gear, you better treat it right. This will save you the hassle of searching for a new one right before the season begins. When the prices go up and you might have to buy something else because your original choices are out of stock.

Storing your winter sports gear and all of the other winter items you have might prove difficult. Not only that it is a lot of work, but the gear takes a lot of space, as well. When you combine that with the value of the items, the scales push towards secured, climate-controlled storage facilities like those we can provide for you. You can also compare the different storage options on the market and pick another type of service for your needs.


If you have any storing solutions that can make the lives of other readers easier, please share them in the comments below. We may add, those truly interesting, to the article itself. Citing you, of course.

Images source: Depositphotos/by belchonock

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