Telegraph-ing Some Stress-Relieving Ideas This Christmas

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Looking for ways to avoid stress in the ever-earlier build up to Christmas this year?

The Telegraph has been searching for ways to help you out. What if you could get someone to wrap those gifts for you? Cook up a storm for you in the kitchen? Or get your Christmas tree delivered and taken away without you lifting a finger?

It’s for this latter service that Fantastic Services has received a great little recommendation in The Telegraph’s recent piece.

The Telegraph’s article gets right to the point about Fantastic Services’ Christmas tree decoration, delivery, and disposal option. Rightly highlighting that you can:

  • Get the tree delivered to your door
  • Enjoy a real Nordmann fir tree – without any of the hassle of carting it around London
  • Choose from amongst a variety of sizes of Christmas tree
  • Get a professional to decorate it using your own baubles, tinsel, and family favourites

How to Avoid Stress at Christmas Time

As well as Fantastic Service’s handy Christmas tree delivery and disposal option, there were some other great ideas in The Telegraph‘s article.

How about:

  1. Help when you’re struggling to choose presents – Selfridge’s are running their “Elfridges” (honestly, half the reason this service sounds so good might be because of the name) Christmas shopping program this year. Essentially you sit and drink tea while someone else chooses the best gifts for your nearest and dearest from Selfridge’s gigantic store.
  2. Avoid the stress of cooking Christmas dinner – there are a few dab-hand cooks in the Fantastic Services offices (not least company CEO Rune Sovndahl who used to chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant), but some of us are thinking we’d rather just put our feet up this Christmas morning! We might try out COOK to get pre-prepared high-quality meals sent to our front door. Check them out if that sounds good to you too!

Book Christmas Tree Delivery, Decoration, and Disposal

There’s one simple way to wipe out a huge portion of your Christmas stress:

Book delivery, decoration – and convenient later disposal – of your Christmas tree with this handy service. You can get a free quote on making your tree instantly appear and disappear – just like a sighting of Santa – this Christmas by:

Check out The Telegraph’s full “Seasonally Stressed?” article for yourself by following the link, and see how you too can outsource to the professionals this Christmas.

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Last update: November 1, 2018

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