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Fantastic Services to support the Huracan Foundation

We are happy to announce that Fantastic Services will take part in another social campaign.

Our company will support the Huracan Foundation by providing them with mentoring figures who will take part in various projects, the aim of which is to impact the education of children and young people in a positive way.

And if this is the first time you’re hearing about the Huracan Foundation, then let us tell you a little bit more about their work.

The foundation is a UK based charity that supports participants of the Teach for All international network from all over the world in organising football-based project to aid schools of low-income communities.

About a decade ago, Henry May who was working with the Teach for All network had set up a small football team consisting of high school teachers – Huracan FC London, named after an Argentinian football club that Henry loved. The news made it all the way to Buenos Aires through Facebook where the avid fans of the club were joyous to discover about the amateur namesake team. Overnight, Huracan FC London had gained thousands of fans.

But later on, the school in south London where Henry worked at had to close due to continuous gang-related problems. This inspired Henry to make a change in the reality he faced. Backed up by tens of thousands of football fans, the Huracan Foundation was founded. In the past ten years, they have helped hundreds of children from low-income areas to stay away from the bad stuff by engaging them with football and teaching them important life skills.

The magic of football can be a great way for children to develop leadership skills and learn the value of teamwork. We are utterly fascinated by the idea so it didn’t take us a lot of thinking to take part in this wonderful incentive. We hold dear the lessons of this inspiring story. Distance means nothing when people are united by their common passion. And change for the better is possible, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Some of our colleagues at the Fantastic Services headquarters have volunteered to participate in various projects as mentors. Stay tuned for more details and announcements.

And if you’d like to learn more about the Huracan Foundation and support them, or take part in one of their projects, simply visit their website.

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