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UNBLOCKTOBER, consciously supported by Fantastic Services

Saving our sewers and seas – Get involved!

Fantastic Services is proud to join again in the global efforts of keeping our environment free of pollution. We’ve signed up for Unblocktober – a committed follow-up, in a way, of our last year’s involvement in maintaining the shores of one of the major watercourses in the UK clean – the Thames, together with the non-profit organisation Thames 21. 

What is Unblocktober?

A solely British initiative, Unblocktober is an awareness month and a national campaign to keep our oceans, rivers and drainage systems clean by urging the public, as well as business organisations, to make significant changes in their behaviour of disposing of waste that would end up in our sewers. 

As our Fantastic plumbers deal with overflows, drain and sink blockages, flooding issues and clogged toilets on a daily basis in residential and commercial properties alike, we couldn’t stay on the sidelines, but actively take part in the campaign, launched for the first time last year by Lanes Group plc.

Why get involved?

Commercial and household-generated plastic waste, as well as inappropriately disposed of fat, oil and grease (FOG), have caused a serious problem to our sewers and seas for decades. FOG congeals and together with various types of plastic and food waste can amass into hardened piles, called fatbergs, which lead to blockages in our sewers that often result in a number of flooded properties every year and in the costly maintenance of the drainage and sewerage network systems. Worse, our seas and rivers, as well as the aquatic flora and fauna, including both freshwater and marine life, have suffered tremendously because of this, where endangered species have been put on the brink of extinction.

So, let’s put a stop to this atrocity against the environment and change our habits and behaviour!

Start now, during Ublocktober month! And keep being kind to Nature all year round!

Changing your kitchen and bathroom habits

Most people are unaware that even the tiniest amount of cooking oil poured down the sink, or a wet wipe flushed down in the toilet, can contribute to the contamination of our watercourses. So, let’s see what you can change about your waste-disposal behaviour at home or place of business, in order to help keep our environment clean, water life safe, as well as sewers and drainage networks healthy.


  • Pour down fat, condiments, grease or oil down the sink or toilet;
  • Wash away food particles, coffee grounds, etc. down the drains;
  • Dispose of personal care and sanitary products or small items made of plastic by flushing them in the toilet;


  • Reduce microfibre pollution by washing fleeces and synthetic clothing in an eco-friendly washing bag (like a GUPPYFRIEND bag);
  • Wipe used dinnerware off all food particles before washing them properly;
  • Use your toilet to dispose of human waste and toilet paper only;
  • Make the effort to use homemade or natural water-soluble cleaning detergents in your bathroom and kitchen whenever you can;
  • Consider switching to reusable nappies, washable or organic sanitary products, recyclable earbuds and so on.

Do the right move today and sign up for Unblocktober! “Hashtag” and share the good work you do on social media! Spread the word to colleagues and friends to bring awareness! And if you ever have any drainage or blockage issues, you can always count on our plumbing expertise anytime!

Together, we can do more for a cleaner and safer future!


Image source: pixabay / giogio55

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