​Take the Hassle Out of Cleaning? Fantastic Shows You How

take the hassle out of cleaning

Fantastic Services recently shared a little bit of our home cleaning expertise in an article for Red Online!

Red Online is always looking for home care and fashion tips, celebrity news, and good food recipes. And in the first category at least, Fantastic are the team to call! Ralitsa Prodanova, one of our domestic cleaning experts, sat down with Red to give them the latest tips to take the hassle out of cleaning.

Red Online is a fashion, beauty, recipes and lifestyle website. If you’re interested in beautifying your house’s interior, finding out what to wear this season, or in getting the latest celebrity gossip, it’s a site you should definitely be checking out!

When it comes to keeping your home spotless, Fantastic Services’ pros (the professionals who conduct all of our services) are the ones to talk to. So given the chance to wax lyrical about their favourite vocational topic, Ralitsa soon gave Red more information than they knew what to do with!

Take the Hassle Out of Cleaning

So what did Ralitsa have to say about hassle-free cleaning?

  • Say goodbye to smells – whether it’s opening windows to ensure good circulation or cheating to help your vacuum cleaner spread some positive aromas, Ralitsa’s got some great tips for making your home smell fantastic!
  • Multitask – as well as doubling up with your vacuuming and good-smell-spreading, Ralitsa suggests doing things like putting dishes in to soak before cleaning the kitchen or preparing dirtier areas with a bit of cleaning spray so that it can get to work while you concentrate your efforts elsewhere!
  • Clean the worst first – start off with rooms which need more attention, like the bathroom, to make sure that cleaning smells have aired away by the time you finish. Focus on the tasks which will make the most difference if you don’t have much time – make the bed, do the washing up, etc.

As an expert, Ralitsa has a whole lot more to say on the topic – and the article also contains some advice on items and appliances which can make your home a whole lot easier to clean. You can read the full take the hassle out of cleaning article for yourself, over at the Red Online website.

Order in Some Home Cleaning Expertise

Of course, while you can keep on top of things yourself, there’s no real substitute for the ease of having professionals take care of your home cleaning for you – or at least help you get you into a position where you can keep on top of your house’s cleanliness with a little regular effort. If that sounds like something that you could get on board with, the Fantastic team is always here to make your life simpler.


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Last update: August 22, 2018

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