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5 ways technology is boosting the ecommerce sector Fantastic Services App on Telegraph
More and more companies are utilising the power of technology to drive sales and boost the convenience they can offer their clients. Fantastic Services is ahead of the e-commerce technology curve in many ways.

Here’s what Heidi Scrimgeour, reporting for The Telegraph, wrote.

As The Telegraph’s article points out, the UK e-commerce market is huge – it was already valued at £153 billion by 2016, only behind China and the US in terms of worth – and is predicted to grow much further in the next few years.

This is because an increasing number of consumers are starting to value and become accustomed to the convenience offered by companies which use the latest advances in technology to deliver their services.

How at Fantastic Services we use technology to change how business works:

Because of the specific industry experience and mindset of our founders, using technology to make life simpler has been part of the Fantastic Services mission statement since day one.

The Telegraph‘s piece points out some of the features which we’ve been built into our platform, namely that you can:

  • Book with real-time availability: using your GoFantastic app you can view the availability of any of our pros in real-time. You can then see how much cheaper it is to hire someone who’s already nearby and if the appointment you need is available directly.
  • Take advantage of 30-second scheduling: being able to book more than 40 home services in less than thirty seconds makes our app the go-to choice for many of our clients, no matter what they need to order.
  • Get yourself money off: by automatically being linked with any deals we might be running which are linked to what you’re booking. Plus, you can even get vouchers and other special deals from our partners for free simply by booking your normal home cleaning services!

You can read the complete 3 ways technology is boosting e-commerce article for yourself, over at The Telegraph.

You can download the GoFantastic app for yourself for free over at the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Technology boosting e-commerce

Heidi Scrimgeour’s article also digs into another two developing e-commerce trends:

Utilising the power of group purchasing and rather smart AI to try and make luxury goods more affordable. There’s also the uprising trend of people willing to buy fine art online, showing that trust in using e-commerce for larger purchases is also growing. This has led to at least one art gallery partnering with a retail finance platform to give clients the convenience and ease-of-purchase they’re looking for.

For more fascinating glimpses into new ideas in e-commerce, follow the link to the article above.

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Last update: August 22, 2018
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