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The complete cleaning guide for safely reopening your Airbnb or short let accommodation

Get ready for your safe post-lockdown return to full holiday rental business operations

As the government is planning to come up with guidance advice for hospitality business owners on how to get ready before reopening sometime in July, we’ve decided to write this article, full of tips on getting prepared well before and in time. You’ll learn everything about sanitising your short-term lets or Airbnb accommodation the right way, as well as get ideas on what to look for when searching for a holiday rental cleaning company. We’ll also talk about cleaning costs and fees, so you can get a clearer picture and set up your property maintenance budget in advance.

Read on, if you’re an Airbnb, short lets or B&B business owner who:

  • has not been operating during the lockdown period, say, as a key-worker accommodation provider;
  • would like to learn about the best cleaning practices, related to preventing the spread of diseases;
  • wonders about how to choose a short let cleaning company;
  • is generally concerned about all the preparation measures that need to be taken before resuming their business operations.
Table of Contents:

Step up your cleaning protocol and sanitise thoroughly your short lets or Airbnb accommodation

Not that many short-let service providers remained open during the COVID pandemic, in order to serve customers within the established guidelines for accommodation providers, issued by the British government. So, with the hope, in view, of getting back in business in a few weeks time, you could do with having a professional insight into what cleaning and disinfection measures you should consider taking before accommodating any guests on leisure-related stays.

Sanitise your holiday rental property the right way 

First and foremost, pick effective antibacterial and virucidal disinfectants to sanitise every surface and area on the premises. Always air the place properly before and after each guest, as well as during the actual cleaning. Make sure to sanitise soft furniture and carpeting, too.

Disinfect regularly between stays

It’s important to apply your reinforced cleaning procedures between stays. Disinfect high-touch surfaces and items to avoid cross-contamination and potential spread of infection by clients. Don’t forget to ventilate rooms properly by opening all windows and doors.

Ensure that linen and towels are washed at the highest setting

Some bacteria and other pathogens can survive lower temperatures during a wash. So, it’s best if you make sure that sheets and towels are cleaned at a high temperature. Leave extra linen and towels for guests, who intend to stay longer than a few days.

Encourage your guests to protect themselves by supplying hand sanitisers

Leave plenty of hand disinfectants and soaps, and disposable cleaning and personal hygiene supplies, such as hand tissues, paper towels and so on. You can even ask your guests kindly to dispose of those themselves by placing the used disposable paper in a bag and then, in the main bin.

Let your customers know about your improved cleaning protocol

Leave instructions and guidance for your guests in a visible place so that they are aware of your new elevated cleaning measures and procedures. A ‘COVID-secure business’ sign also won’t hurt, so consider having a sticker on the front door or window.

Protect yourself if you’re doing the cleaning

Wear a mask, gloves and protective clothing if you’ve decided to do the cleaning yourself. Discard disposable protective gear and wash thoroughly your hands and clothes. Throw away vacuum cleaner bags every time you use the machine, just to be on the safe side.

And if you feel out of your depth cleaning your short let or Airbnb rental property up to a safe standard, then, maybe, you should consider outsourcing the job to a professional company. Why? Cleanliness is now of utmost priority and your guests will feel much safer if they know that they’re staying in an expertly disinfected accommodation. 

How to choose a cleaning company and what to look for

Negative customer testimonials usually relate to the hygienic state of the property the guests have stayed in. And if in the past things like ‘crumbs under the sofa cushions’ or ‘a hair in the shower tray’ have prompted clients to complain, now, things can escalate and your business can get hurt by reviews on how safe your property is amid the global health crisis. So, it’s always a good idea to assign the task of making sure that your holiday rental is COVID-secure to a reputable cleaning company.

Here are some important points to consider when hiring a professional cleaning service provider:

  • The types of products used during the service;
  • The safety practices the company follows;
  • The training the cleaners get;
  • The options for linen (washed and ironed) and toiletries supply;
  • The customer reviews the business has received;
  • The charges applied and what they include.

We all want to save some money, so do your research and compare prices if needs be. But don’t forget to take into consideration what value for money you get, in terms of fees and service results. Or in other words, look for a commercial cleaning company, which goes the extra mile to properly train its cleaners; applies all safety and personal protection measures, recommended by the authorities; works with professional antibacterial disinfectants; and last but not least, it offers added value to its customers, who are then, happy to share the news in their positive reviews.

Budget for your holiday let cleaning costs

Let’s assume you’re now convinced that the regular cleaning of your Airbnb or short let property needs to be taken to a whole new level. Meaning, you want to entrust the cleaning maintenance tasks to a registered cleaning company. What worries you, of course, is the cost of this privilege, as well as what you’ll get as an end result. 

Most holiday rental cleaning companies charge for their services per hour. Expect anything from £15 per hour and upwards for a regular commercial cleaning service. Add a management fee per appointment and a set fee for professional detergents, and you get the picture. Still, the main point here is to request detailed information on how the cleaners approach each task of sanitising your rental property, what measures they take to prevent potential spreading of pathogens, what cleaning detergents they use, as well as how linen is washed if the company provides this service, as well.

With Fantastic Services, you can count on a professional holiday rental cleaning service that ticks all the boxes. Expect from us to send thoroughly trained and experienced cleaners, who wear personal protection and comply with all safety guidelines. You can also opt for our quality toiletries supply and the provision of professionally washed and ironed linen and towels, as well. And this comes at an affordable price that can easily beat the current standard rates, mentioned above, especially if you join our popular Fantastic Club.
Furthermore, we offer professional antiviral sanitisation services, too, specially designed for business property owners, who deal with visitors and guests, and want to boost their safety during stays.

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What else to consider before resuming your short let business activities

Disinfecting and cleaning your holiday rental property, short let or B&B is of prime importance during these times of uncertainty, especially if you’ve not been operating during the lockdown in the UK. But there are a few other property maintenance measures you should consider taking before welcoming your first guests. 

Check out the list below:

  • Is your plumbing up to scratch? – Flushing pipes, checking out taps and fixtures, addressing leaks, drainage issues or unexpected blockages, are all jobs that need to be done before you get back to business.
  • Is your property gas-safe? – A gas safe registered engineer should check any gas-fueled appliances if you’ve been closed down for business for months.
  • Electrical fixtures and appliances need to be inspected, too. – From electrical boilers, appliances and light fittings to smoke and fire alarms, these should be checked out and tested by a specialist.
  • Has a family of mice found shelter in the attic to breed undisturbed, while you’ve been observing lockdown regulations? – Yep, this is a rather common occurrence, so do invest in a professional pest control inspection!
  • Consider making some improvements to your Airbnb property to get ahead of your competitors! – Be it installing a deck in the outdoor recreational space of the property or introducing an electronic entry and lock system to ensure proper social distancing, now it’s the time to engage in these property improvement jobs before the official ‘green light’ to reopen comes into effect.

Let Fantastic Services be your property maintenance partner

Well, did you know that Fantastic Services provides 100+ property maintenance, gardening, pest control and specialised cleaning services in London and throughout mainland England to both domestic and business customers? And with some newly developed solutions on our service portfolio, designed to step up the safety of your property and customers during the health crisis, you can really rely on a complete and all-in-one service that caters for every property maintenance aspect of your investment. From antibacterial painting services, effective pest fumigation, and professional cleaning & disinfection to plumbing, electrical, furniture assembly and garden maintenance services, you can enjoy our expertise by letting us become your property service provider today. 

And that’s not all! We offer online video consultations to save you time and effort, as well as to minimise contact with our business customers during these times when staying safe and protecting others is vital. We’ll appoint a personal account manager to handle all your needs and assist you with your services!


  • Getting ready to reopen your short let or Airbnb property for ‘holiday’ customers has never been more appropriate, in view of the rules relaxing in July. 
  • Reassure your clients of your elevated cleaning protocol, so they feel safe and willing to choose you over another competitor!
  • Cleaning and disinfecting your holiday rental or short let properly is the minimum you should consider doing before resuming your operations. 
  • Invest time in completing a few property improvement tasks, as well, to really make your short let services shine!


Are you ready to get in full swing and host guests in your short let accommodation? What other measures have you taken to safely start running your hospitality business? Do share with us in the comments below!

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