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Are you looking for ways to turn your rented house into a home?

Jackson Woodturners, home decorators extraordinaire, recently featured some words of wisdom from Fantastic Services. In an article called “Decorating Hacks For Renters“, about making rented accommodation more homely, we were called in as industry experts ourselves.

Check out what we had to say, and find some top DIY tips for improving the look and feel of your own rental home.

The article covers a wide range of different improvements you can make to a rented property without serious investment. Some of our favourites were:

  • Framing wallpaper – a great way to get all the impact of the best wallpaper without needing to beg your landlord to let you redecorate!
  • Light reflecting mirrors – give you an easier way to improve the lighting in any space, again without the need to consult your landlord.

These are just a taste of the brilliant ideas that Jackson Woodturners have collected in this in-depth post.

They noticed that Fantastic Services are the experts in end of tenancy cleaning, and asked us if we had anything to offer.

Yes we are, Jackson Woodturners. Thank you for noticing! We had a few on-topic words about covering up dirty spots in rental homes.

Jackson Woodturners is a great site if you’re planning some home decoration. Their blog is especially worth a few minutes of your time. It’s got some great entries on seasonal decorating, and on creating an immediate impact on potential buyers when you’re selling a property.

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Last update: August 27, 2018

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