Life Under Lockdown

Five things to do at home while self-isolating

It is what it is. At the moment we’re under quarantine and there’s not much we can do about it. While we all #StayHome and protect ourselves and the elderly, as a society, quarantine can be the perfect time to get into a new hobby, learn new skills, and overall come out of this situation as better individuals. 

So, let’s go over the list of five things Fantastic employees are doing during the quarantine and maybe you can find your next hobby! Ready? Let’s get started!

Start a Yoga Challange

Given that we’ll be spending most of our days in our pyjamas, taking care of ourselves is maybe the best thing we can do right now. 

So, now that you have a bit of free time on your hands, why don’t you start a yoga challenge? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of them on YouTube alone! Some of us are participating in Adriene’s 30-day Yoga Challenge, so consider giving this one a go. 

Join an Online Cooking Class

While staying on track with your fitness goals can be kind of hard if you’re spending most of the day at home, and especially if you’re working from home, one thing is for sure – you’ll be munching on all kinds of goodies. 

So, why don’t you join a cooking class? In 14 days you’ll be a lot better at cooking than you are right now. In fact, if you join TheKitchn’s free cooking class right now, in fourteen days you’ll be halfway through mastering the basics of cooking. 

Get Your Friends on a Video Chat

Now that you’re becoming better and better at cooking, why don’t you share a delicious meal online? Well, your besties won’t be able to taste your wonderful meals, but at the very least you can have a laugh over a glass of wine and a video call. 

Spend Time on Personal Projects

We all have our own projects outside of work that we’re trying to catch up on. It can be something related to our hobbies, or maybe you’re building a backyard shed, it doesn’t matter – now is the perfect time to catch up on those projects of yours that you should’ve finished a long time ago. 

Dig Your Fingers in the Dirt

But what about finding another hobby? Give gardening a try and care for plants in your home and backyard. 

Now, we have a tonne of guides covering everything from basic gardening tips to making your backyard lush. Now is the perfect time to get reading on how you can make your yard lush-green. Here are a few topics to get you started:

Even though self-isolating at home can be a bummer, with the proper mindset, motivation and drive, you can accomplish quite a bit. 


So, share your plans on how you’re going to become better in the comments below!

Image source: Shutterstock / Switlana Sonyashna

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