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Why Does My Toilet Keep Blocking?

Do you find yourself keeping the plunger on hand every time you go to the bathroom? Are your children constantly testing the limits of your plumbing system by throwing anything in sight down the toilet bowl? Or maybe your toilet keeps clogging for no apparent reason.

If you regularly ask yourself “Why does my toilet keep blocking?”, then maybe it’s time to address the issue. Fear not, because the experts at Fantastic Services have the solution to all your problems!

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So, if you:

  • Own a toilet that keeps clogging;
  • Are looking for possible reasons;
  • Want to know how to solve the issue,

Then read on! This post is just for you!

Why your toilet keeps blocking

There could be many reasons why your toilet keeps clogging. From the design of the bowl itself to a bunch of toilet tissue stuck inside the pipes, sometimes it can be hard to tell which one is the culprit behind the blockage. Nevertheless, in this article, we have listed the most common reasons why your toilet keeps clogging up.

Your low-flow toilet is outdated

Low-flow toilets are great for the environment, as they are designed to save water, and they can even lower your bills. However, first-generation models lack the necessary power and pressure to clear the trap completely, often resulting in a clogged toilet and an unhappy homeowner. How do you know if you have an old low-flow model? Check the back of the toilet to see if there is a stamped date. If yours was made in the mid-’90s, you could have an outdated low-flow toilet.


Your best bet might be to replace your old toilet with a modern model. This is not always necessary, however, as you can simply limit toilet paper use and take care not to flush anything other than human waste and toilet tissue. If this doesn’t do the trick, you may need to upgrade your toilet.

You’re flushing things you shouldn’t be

As we mentioned above, you should only be flushing human waste and toilet paper down the bowl. If your toilet keeps blocking, take a look at the items you are putting down there. Some common non-flushable items that often find themselves down the drain include paper towels, sanitary towels, toys (if you have kids), q-tips, diapers, cotton balls and wet wipes (even the “flushable” kind aren’t great for your toilet). If enough non-flushable items enter your drain, they may clog it resulting in your toilet making noise after flushing.


This is perhaps one of the easiest clogs to prevent – simply avoid flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the drain. You can place a rubbish bin close to the toilet to encourage your family and visitors to stop flushing things you shouldn’t be. Teach your kids to take care and not experiment with the toilet bowl by throwing any random items down there. You can also keep the toilet lid closed to prevent objects such as razors and toothbrushes from being knocked in accidentally.

Your toilet trap is clogged

If your toilet keeps clogging up, you may be dealing with a blocked trap. The toilet trap is an S-shaped curve between the bowl and the drain, designed to hold water and keep sewer gases from entering your home. If you find that to be the reason why your toilet keeps blocking, there could be several culprits behind the clog. Your toilet may lack the pressure to fully clear the trap when flushing, resulting in a bunch of waste and toilet paper stuck inside. Alternatively, a non-flushable object might have got stuck in the trap, hence the waste and toilet tissue gathering around it, causing the blockage.


A simple toilet plunger and some elbow grease can be enough to solve your problem. If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, however, you may need to use a drain snake instead or call in a professional plumber. To prevent the trap from getting clogged in the first place, avoid throwing non-flushable items down the toilet, and limit the amount of toilet paper you put down there, as even the best models can struggle with larger quantities.

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You live in an area with hard water

If the water in your area is hard, a.k.a. contains lots of minerals, the deposits may be getting stuck to the inside of the bowl and the pipes. This can make it easier for waste, toilet paper and other objects to get stuck inside the drain, collecting more and more debris until the pipe clogs.


Depending on how far down the blockage is, you might be able to clear it with a plunger or a drain snake. However, sometimes you may require professional help to clean the mineral deposits from the pipes. To prevent hard water from causing more issues in the future, you can invest in a water softener.

The plumbing vents are blocked

Most modern toilets and other plumbing fixtures use roof vents to prevent pressure vacuums and get air into the plumbing system, helping drain flow. As time passes, these vents can get blocked by debris, leaves, branches, birds’ nests and sometimes even dead rodents. This will affect drain flow and reduce the pressure, resulting in regular clogs.


You’ll need to call in a professional to clean your roof vents, as it can be difficult, dangerous, and it requires special tools to complete.

There is an issue with the main sewer line

Sometimes, clogs can appear further down the main sewer line. Not only that, but tree roots puncturing the pipes, corrosion and breakages can also cause problems. If your toilet keeps blocking, along with your sinks and other drains, but everything seems to be working just fine, then this could be the issue.


Unfortunately, there is no easy way for homeowners to diagnose or fix this problem. You’ll need the help of an expert to clear the clogs or repair the pipes.

Struggling with a nasty toilet block?

If your toilet keeps clogging, why get your hands dirty when you can take advantage of the expert help of Fantastic Services? The reliable plumbers we work with are expertly trained, fully insured and ready to solve your problems in the blink of an eye! They can unblock your toilet, clear your drains and give you professional advice on how to avoid clogs in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your appointment easily by using our simple online booking form!

Sit back and relax while the expert plumbers deal with the repairs!


  • There could be many reasons why your toilet keeps blocking, but most of them can be handled by taking care not to put non-flushable items down the bowl and limiting toilet paper use.
  • Older low-flow toilet models lack the pressure needed to completely clear the trap.
  • Your plumbing roof vents can get blocked by debris and birds’ nests.
  • Sometimes, the problem might be a blockage or some damages further down the main sewer line.

If you’ve found that the issue requires professional help, take a look at our plumbing cost guide to get an idea of what you can expect to pay.


Was this post helpful to you? Did you manage to resolve your toilet block issues? Let us know in the comments!

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