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uPVC Door Handle Floppy – How to Fix it

It’s not uncommon for uPVC door handles to become floppy over time. It’s quite unpleasant, though when it happens at the worst moments possible. For example when you’re late for work or when you get home at the end of a long day. 

Since you are here, you are probably experiencing one of the following problems:

  • The door handle on one side of the door is loose, and you can’t find a way to tighten it up.
  • There’s a clicking sound when you depress the door handle. 
  • The door handle is stiff and won’t lock, unlock properly or it might not lock when the uPVC door is closed.

Then, read along. Fixing a floppy uPVC door handle isn’t complicated or expensive, but it does have its specifics. Let’s start with why does this happen in the first place.

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Why is my uPVC door handle loose?

Like with all other objects, general wear and tear is the main reason why your uPVC door handle goes floppy. The mechanism inside becomes old and worn out over the years. Sometimes the locking system too can become stuck. There could be other reasons, as well:

  • Broken spring cassette in the handle;
  • Broken washer inside handle;
  • Faulty gearbox;
  • Damage due to opening or closing too aggressively.

Now you know what may be the reasons for a floppy door handle, let’s see how you can fix it.

How to fix a floppy uPVC door handle

When you open up the mechanism of your door handle, you will see either spring cassettes or a plastic washer. The process of opening up the handle mechanism is the same regardless of what’s inside.

  1. Open the door.
  2. Remove the two screws holding the escutcheon plates.
  3. Carefully remove both escutcheon plates. This is where you would either see the spring cassettes or plastic washers.

Spring cassette

  1. Remove the spring cassettes from each escutcheon plate
  2. Inspect the cassette area where the door spindle goes in. If it’s no longer square-shaped, it needs to be replaced
  3. Place the new spring cassettes in both escutcheon platesScrew the plates back on the door.
  4. Mind you, the door lock cylinder might have been slightly displaced during the whole process, so you have to put it back the way it was


  1. Remove the old broken washers from the inside of the handle.
  2. Place the new washers where the old ones used to be and make sure they’re well secured.
  3. Return escutcheon plates on the door.
  4. Screw them back in.

How to change a upvc gearbox

If you find your spring cassettes or washers are still perfectly fine, then the gearbox might be the reason your door handle is floppy. If you can’t lock the door properly, then this is the reason for sure. It’s no use trying to repair the lock, consider replacing it with a new one. Here is how:

  1. Unscrew the escutcheon plates and set them aside.
  2. Remove handles and plates from both sides.
  3. Remove the spindle and locking cylinder.
  4. Remove the screws folding the strip of the door. If you see several screws with different heads, leave them. They are meant for their separate small gearboxes and not for the main one.
  5. Remove the strip from the door. The strip will come out with all the gearboxes attached to it.
  6. Unscrew the central gearbox from the strip.
  7. Replace with the new one and repeat the steps in backward order.

Mind you, depending on the brand, some gearboxes have snapping mechanisms. You need to hear a snap sound when you place the gearbox properly on the strip.

Call professionals

If you lack the time, nerves or tools to fix that floppy uPVC door handle, then it’s best to reach out for professional help. Fantastic Services works with London handymen who are experienced and fully equipped.

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  • uPVC door handles sustain wear and tear over time, and that is the likely reason why yours went floppy.
  • You need to change either the spring cassette or the washer.
  • If that doesn’t fix the problem, you need to change the gearbox.


Is your uPVC door handle stuck or floppy? Did you find the source of the problem? Let us know by leaving a comment bellow!

Image Source: Shutterstock / Uesiba

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