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[VIDEO] What to Expect When You Book Our Landscaping (+ Benefits)

Every piece of land is a canvas of possibilities. To transform it into a beautiful garden that expresses your home individuality, your best bet will be to choose a landscaping service. We can’t be more excited when a garden makeover project is coming around. Why? Because landscaping allows for nurturing a healthy client-contractor relationship by tailoring the service to the client’s needs, vision and desired results.

Is Professional Landscaping Worth the Cost?

More often than not, it IS. Landscaping projects and garden makeovers require deep knowledge of plants and materials. These services also take longer to complete and require extra labour. While it’s fairly obvious that quality materials are not as cheap as we would all want to, the effort to clean up a garden to the bare bone and build it again from scratch requires extensive knowledge, skills, and experience. There are easy ways you can spot a professional landscaping company:

  • Flexible booking options – for your convenience
  • FREE on-site off-season survey – no obligations included
  • Bad weather? Not a problem – we work when it rains
  • Individually tailored service – you define the scope
  • Materials included in the price – saving you the hassle. We can also use yours, too.
  • A to Z professional attitude – your garden oasis is guaranteed

All those factors weigh in on the final price of the service, and will determine its quality.

But it’s safe to say that it’s all worth it in the end, as you are about to find out below.

Garden Transformation with Fantastic Services

Let us introduce you to one of our recent garden transformation jobs. We had to start from scratch as the owner asked for a complete redesign, so we had to take four major steps down the road – clearing the garden, paving a patio, laying artificial turf, and adorning the client’s fancy fence with their own trellis.

Project Rundown:

  • Project length: 5 days
  • Team: 2 landscapers
  • Project price: £7535
  • Material price: £3510

The customer wanted us to cover 23 sq m with artificial grass and lay down additional 20 sq m of patio. We used high quality black tumbled limestone. Finally, we jet washed the dirt and mud from the patio. It took us five consecutive days to polish the project down to the finest detail, but the end result was more than worth it. Check the video above to see how it went and then scroll down for in-depth details on the service performed.

Read further below for a complete project timeline:

Day 1: Clearing the patch and delivering the materials

There was much work to be done in the days to follow, so we decided to use one of the best practices we knew of how to deliver all the materials from the very beginning. But before that, we had to make up some space for the new garden to emerge.

We started by cutting off and uprooting some of the existing vegetation from the area which was going to be paved later. Then, we levelled the area and cleared some space for the necessary materials and equipment that were to arrive. No photos were taken this day as our photographer was busy at another location.

Day 2: Installing frames and filling them with aggregates

The second day was quite busy, but productive. When the team arrived, they installed the timber frame that would eventually form the patio and the artificial turf areas. The next part included filling the frames with aggregates and compacting them well to establish a stiff, even surface.

The area for the artificial lawn was also laid with anti-weed membrane beneath the aggregates to prevent weeds from popping up in the future. In addition, the client asked us to help with installing his own trellis, so we added that to the whole service. The stage was set for the main act to come in the next days!

Day 3: Paving the patio

On the third day, the landscaping team split up their tasks. While one of the landscapers was laying the patio limestones, the other person finished the levelling of the lawn area. In addition to adding a M.O.T. base, the area was also fine-levelled with compacted sand.

Day 4: Astro turf laying and finishing the paving

The fourth day was mostly about laying the astro turf in a precise manner so that it fits around the already existing plants that we had to keep. The landscapers worked together on the turf to complete what was the heftier part of the job, and then they split the remaining tasks between one another to finish the final installations of the patio.

When all paving slabs were laid and the lawn was attached to the ground, the landscapers filled all gaps with white gravel. It prevents mud from splashing on the fake grass and patio areas when it rains, and at the same time allows for rainwater to reach the plants’ roots. Plus, it looks nice, of course.

Day 5: Pointing the patio and jet washing an existing decking

On the final day of this project, there were only two tasks left to be done. One of the landscapers jet washed the patio area to wet the surface and to remove any excess dirt and gravel bits on it. He then moved on to wash the decking area which the client also had, while the other specialist pointed the limestones.

The white colour of the grout contrasts the dark pattern of the limestone slabs perfectly, as you may have already noticed. It also matches the white gravel laid in between the gaps and gives the garden an overall stylish look.


In summary, this project combined four services together: astro turf laying, trellis installation, paving, and jet washing. But just exactly how beneficial was this work for the owner?

  • Trellis adds up to the greenery outlook and the aesthetic beauty of the garden, especially when crawling plants start growing. It also improves garden privacy. If you want to install one, you might want to check what’s the maximum height of trellis on top of a fence you are legally allowed to have.
  • Artificial turf is extremely pet-friendly since it’s soft and pet excrements do not damage it. Its porous structure also allows urine to travel down to the soil and complete its natural cycle. Astro turf withstands heavy traffic and harsh weather, too – meaning it’s the low-maintenance choice for your garden. It’s perfect for people who do not have the physical ability to maintain a real lawn, or for people who travel often but want to see a green yard outside their homes at all times. Last, but not least – it’s kid-friendly, too. Enough so to build a playground on it!
  • When it comes to this particular paving job, the slabs are darker and will attract the sun rays at all times. This will give the family the opportunity to spend more time outside together – and why not even sunbathe during the hottest months? The patio is extremely easy to maintain with the jet wash you saw above in the video. All those benefits turn the patio into a focal point for relaxation, reading, or work. It is also the perfect base for building a shed, which can eventually turn into a hobby house with a little refurbishment. And, if you let your imagination run wild, you can also think about installing a jacuzzi on top of the slabs.
  • Jet washing is a service that is extremely useful in England. It is an eco-friendly procedure, which only uses water under high pressure to clean hard surfaces in the garden. In this particular project, the customer had their old decking area brought back to life with the pressure washer. It can also be used for cleaning patios, driveways, all kinds of pavings, fences, walls, and even garden furniture.
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Bottom Line

It’s true that landscaping work is often taxing on the wallet. But it’s also true that it’s a type of work that can really turn things around and transform an otherwise bland garden or yard into a beautiful slice of heaven, as seen above. So, if you are looking to realise a vision of your own, but the prices you’ve seen quoted online make you nervous, contact Fantastic Services.

Even if you feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut, our friendly representatives will work with your budget in mind to offer you green space ideas that relax the body, soothe the eyes, and inspire the mind. We only dispatch insured and vetted landscapers who can aid you with anything from patio laying, planting, and fencing to wiring outdoor lighting or installing irrigation systems.

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Do you have some comments on the overall process? Are you experienced with landscaping yourself or have you had a landscaping service experience you’d like to share? We’d be delighted to hear more about your thoughts in the comment section below.

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