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7 Best Ways To Improve Your Window Security – Keep Intruders Out

When we often think of securing our homes, we always begin with our doors. Sure, door security is also important, but according to the Office for National Statistics, 30% of break-ins in the UK, happen with burglars entering through the window. While it might not represent the majority of burglars’ preferred entry points, many will still go through the window. Which is all the better reason for improving your window security.

So if you: 

  • Are worried about potential break-ins;
  • Wanted to secure your windows effectively;
  • Want to ensure your home will be safe;

Then this article is for you! This is how to burglar proof your windows. 

1. Lock your windows

Remember that statistic at the beginning? Of the 30% of window break-ins, a third of that number happened through an unlocked window. This can become a problem in the Summer and Spring. According to national statistics, 40% of residential burglaries in the UK happen in daytime between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. when most people are at work or school. In hot weather, we often leave one or more windows open on our property so that it isn’t unbearably warm when we come back to it. Unfortunately, this gives a massive opportunity to burglars to gain access, so even if it is a hot summer day, you might be best just shutting and locking your windows. Mind you, more than 50% of domestic burglaries happened when someone was at home.

We have some tips for leaving windows open at night and the security tips that will help protect your property on those humid Summer evenings. 

2. Upgrade your window locks

Most window security options are relatively cheap and are easily fitted and you will always be able to reinforce your windows in more than one way.

  • Pin Locks – These are perfect for single and double-hung windows and the sliding varieties, pin locks are pins that you drill into window frames so that would-be intruders won’t be able to open it enough to squeeze through. 
  • Keyed Locks – These you’ve no doubt seen before. They are your standard handle and key lock and they work on most windows, including those mentioned above. 
  • Hinged Wedge Locks – These are less commonly seen. They still allow for ventilation but will limit the space in which the window can be opened, much like the pin locks. 
  • Sash jammers –  As you’ve probably noticed from the name, this security feature mostly focuses on sash windows. They’re installed on the window sash itself, with the sole purpose of holding the window shut when closed.

Along with the cheapness options for window protection from burglars, you often get more than one per pack, which allows you to secure multiple windows at one time.

3. Upgrade the glass 

Many people wonder “How can I make my window glass stronger?”. Well, This option might be a bit pricier. It involves refitting your windows with strengthened glass that can hold up to more considerable amounts of force than standard glass. So, what are the most burglar proof windows? The options here are laminated glass, tempered glass and plexiglass.

Laminated and tempered glass is strengthened glass that takes a lot of force to shatter. Think of the glass in London skyscrapers and you’ll no doubt be familiar with these types. These types of glass can be used in residential homes, too, the only problem being that they are expensive and difficult to install. 

If you were looking to reinforce your windows with strengthened glass, we would recommend you only do the bottom floor of your house. These are the windows that are most at risk, so protecting them should be a priority as opposed to your upstairs windows, which should help keep down the costs. 

Alternatively, you can install plexiglass, which is a much cheaper option. And the kicker? It is just as effective. Plexiglass is actually more transparent than glass (we know, we were surprised, too) and doesn’t share the same glare and reflection problems that glass has. Not to mention, it’s incredibly durable. It withstands a large amount of force (as it’s flexible) and won’t shatter!

4. Get treatments for your windows

What is the best deterrent for burglars? Well, window treatments is certainly a good suggestion. And they can be inexpensive and add a lot to the decoration of your home. While many burglaries happen in the day, there are still some that happen at night. Having the lights on and say, your blinds or curtains closed can give the impression that someone is in the house and can give potential burglars something to think about before they attempt a break-in. 

Installing blinds or curtains is relatively easy and is an effective and decorative way to improve home security.

5. Install window bars

This is for those who are really serious about home security. Do bars on windows work?Well, they go on the internal side of a window and are predominately made of metal. They make it nigh on impossible for any intruders to get through the window unless they’re equipped with some heavy hardware. The only problem? They are aesthetically unpleasing, can make your windows look reminiscent of prison and can harden the look of a property. If only they could be invisible.

Well, actually there is such a thing on the market. What are invisible burglar bars? Clear window bars are a clear security device that is fitted on the inside of windows and doors to keep intruders out. The bars are made of extremely strong polycarbonate sheets that are resistant to bending, cutting, burning, and physical force. So, you might check that or go to the next option.

Alternatively, there is an option for metal lattice fixtures on the outside of windows. You can often see these around the centre of London and are regular additions to older Victorian buildings. They look more decorative than the standard window bars and have the added benefit of protecting windows from possible projectiles, like footballs for instance. The only problem is the price, as many of these fixtures are made of wrought iron, but if you want impenetrable window security, the price is worth it.

6. Fit window sensors

This is another rather cheap solution for added window security. These can be easily secured on all windows and also detect motion. If motion is detected, it will either send an alert to your mobile phone or sound an alarm. Generally, many varieties of window sensors will only work if you have a security system installed, as they will only detect when the system is armed. That being said, there are a number of motion sensors available that work independently from a security system, so it’s best to shop around. Plus, you can even get sensors for your door, too! 

7. Install dummy cameras

This one is technically cheating because it doesn’t specifically protect your windows. That being said, it shouldn’t be understated how much a security system or something that looks like a security system can deter would-be intruders. 63% of all burglaries in the UK happen on properties without a basic security system. The biggest problem is that some of these systems can cost an arm and a leg to install. 

If you haven’t the time or money to install a full-fledged security system, dummy cameras can be strategically placed around the property, like above doors and windows. Not only are they cheap, but they also look like real cameras (some even showing a red recording light). Perfect for home security on a budget. 

Want to upgrade your window security? 

As we already mentioned, one of the best ways to improve your window security is by investing in some new locks for them. This is where Fantastic Services can help! We work with qualified and well-equipped 24-hour locksmiths, who will help fit a new lock to any windows you have. From sash to inline locks, we have you covered. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today! 

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  • There are many ways to improve window security without breaking the bank, like using dummy security systems or new window handles.
  • 29% of all break-ins happen through unlocked windows, so make sure to properly secure your windows.
  • Window treatments are a relatively inexpensive way to improve window security, as would-be intruders won’t be able to see into the property.
  • For inpenetrable window security, consider buying window bars are external lattices, though beware of the price!


We hope you found our article on the 7 best ways to improve window security helpful. For any suggestions or questions, leave a comment with us below. 

Img Source: Shutterstock / Yulia D

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